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Modern Warfare 2 hits $100k+ in tournaments – makes nearly $1M this week

Unsurprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (COD, MW2) has breached the market with some incredible numbers. After a significant marketing blitz, the title’s history, loyalty, and concentrated hype all play their parts.

The situation:

Esports activity around COD MW2 is already punching hard to get settled with the new title. Esports tournament platform and organizer, BOOM TV announced their ProSIM invitational 5v5 with a prize pool of $60k for Nov. 7. Multiple other community and creator-led challenges following or already having been concluded awarding prizes upwards of 60k total while players await the next run of competitions under the Call of Duty League (CDL) banner.

Meanwhile, headlines are already erupting about Call of Duty’s $800M weekend. Things are lit for the launch of MW2, to say the least.

The details:

The multiplayer launch was barely a week ago but Activision’s new COD: Modern Warfare 2 title isn’t suffering inertia. With nearly $100k in tournament prize pools already distributed or committed, community, pro, and semi-pro tourneys are already revving up on gaming competition and community sites like and creator-led events like Baktober Bash ($30k-Baka Bros) and The Flank’s $30k Invitational (Nov. 3). The latter just concluding from Flank cast host and former FaZe clan member, ZooMaa with pro COD players like Attach, Scump, Shotzzy, and Insight.

Call of duty warzone 2 release
Image by Infinity Ward

The Call of Duty League 2023 season was announced to begin on Dec. 3, with a two-week qualifier round followed by the LAN series launch on Dec. 15. They are wasting no time riding the launch momentum. The golden cherry on top: Activision announced this week that MW2 broke $800M in weekend sales (including presales) after full release on Oct. 28.

According to The Washington Post, that’s more than double the earnings of Avengers: Endgame, which holds the record for the largest movie opening in history at $357M.

What does it mean for gamers:

As COD players and fans anxiously await the release of Warzone 2 and the new DMZ looter/shooter extraction mode (Nov. 16), MW2 continues to crush through its staggered release schedule.

For gamers, there will be an influx of tournament tiers and opportunities with any established community tournament and esports platform starting to offer MW2 challenges and brackets. I would certainly expect chock-full lobbies and quick queues for both multiplayer and Warzone matches when the BR mode is in full swing a couple of weeks from now.

The previous iteration of Call of Duty and Warzone fell victim to unfettered hacking, causing many high-profile streamers to leave the title and much of the viewer base to suffer; however, this represents a do-over for Activision, Infinity, and friends to get it right. I certainly hope they do. I’d love to drop into the warzone again but not if it means getting shot through walls and cross-mapped by hackers. Only time will tell, but the franchise money printer seems to be purring like a kitten in any case.

What are your thoughts or hopes for the next iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone (2) on Nov. 16?

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