Moonbreaker’s Mini Painting Challenge winner finds beauty in the battle-worn

Moonbreaker’s first community event!

Another highly anticipated Moonbreaker pre-early access playtest weekend has come and gone and with it, the first proper community event: The Moonbreaker Mini Painting Challenge!

In my previous article going over the complete Moonbreaker Early Access experience, I mentioned that one of the game elements I was most excited about was the miniature painting system.

Moonbreaker miniature painting

Mini painting in Moonbreaker feels wonderful and honors the techniques, applications, and dynamics of real-life mini painting. The experience is complete with inks and washes, as well as dry brushes and airbrushing tools.

Last playtest weekend, the Moonbreaker official community issued a challenge to emerging Moonbreaker miniature painters. It was amazing to see how the community has gravitated toward (and begun to master) the painting platform – especially so early on.

The Moonbreaker Community Miniature Painting Challenge

The call came out over the Moonbreaker community Discord for all aspiring painters to submit their best crack at painting their favorite miniatures through the official subreddit.

Entrants were tasked with:

  1. Selecting any model in the game
  2. Using orange as a primary color
  3. Using ONLY the in-game painting tool (no outside or post-editing)
  4. Exclusively Reddit submissions

Spoils included a showcase on the Moonbreaker/Unknown Worlds social media channels, an official Reddit header, a custom featured-artist flair on the subreddit, and a Discord community showcase as well as bragging rights.

Finding the beauty in battle damage

The contest ran for the entire final playtest window (Sept. 16-18) with the crowned victor, Robbobobin (Reddit) for their submission of the Stitchy McPatchy crew model, titled “Kintsugi McPatchy.”

Robbobobin is a 2D gaming and digital media artist, so their skills have pretty solid foundations. In the announcement thread, Robbobobin stated, “[they are] a 2d games artist so there’s definitely some transferable skills there. I’d like to paint minis but as a digital artist, I’m so spoiled with great, convenient tools I think I might be a bit too impatient!”

According to Robobobin, the final project took 12-15 hours to complete. Check out “Kintsugi McPatchy,” which captures the Japanese practice of embracing damage in art. This practice is called Kintsugi, and is often seen as the rejoining of cracked pieces of broken pottery and ceramics:

Moonbreaker Kintsugi McPatchy
Image by u/Robbobobin on Reddit

Moonbreaker officially launches on September 29, 2022 for Mac and PC via Steam.

Hope to see you in The Reaches!

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