No Kid Hungry will host 24-hour LOTR Minecraft livestream fundraiser on Nov. 26

Non-profit organization No Kid Hungry is hosting a 24-hour Lord of the Rings Minecraft marathon to raise money to combat child hunger. Dubbed What About First Breakfast? the stream will kick off on Friday, Nov. 26. It promises lots of surprises for fans of Minecraft and The Lord of the Rings.

The event is inspired by the long-running tradition of marathoning through all six Lord of the Rings films. The livestream will see respected trilogies of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings inside Minecraft.

Minecraft content creator ImpulseSV will explore the Minecraft Middle Earth server in what’s being called a “chat-drive adventure”. ImpulseSV is best known for his role in the HermitCraft server. He will travel across the Minecraft Middle Earth server, collecting seven hobbit meals and raising money to fight child hunger.

Across the server, fan-built moments of the franchise will be explored, including sets, creatures, and character models. A Helm’s Deep battle will also ensue with ImpulseSV battling against 30 Twitch viewers. Viewers are encouraged to donate throughout the stream, which would trigger special events.

First Breakfast Charity Stream for No Kid Hungry Announcement!

Child famine is as big an issue in today’s world as ever. In the U.S., 1 in 6 kids struggles with hunger. No Kid Hungry aims to combat that with events like these. “The idea that there are children out there struggling to get food, any food, that hits me hard,” ImpulseSV stated. “No one’s kids should go through that.”

Joining the stream for a special hour-long appearance is actor Sarah McLeod who played Rossie Cotton, Samwise Gamgee’s wife in The Lord of the Rings films. McLeod will interact with the chat, answer questions and play along with ImpulseSV.

The What About First Breakfast? livestream kicks off at 12 PM EST on Nov. 26. It will run on Twitch for 24 hours. A Tiltify page is up for those who would like to watch or donate.

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