Northern Arena Clash of Clans League starts in May

Northern Arena’s premier Clash of Clans League kicks off on May 2. The tournament will span five months, with two by weeks incorporated. Each week of the tournament will begin on a Sunday, though start times have not been confirmed as of yet.

The Northern Arena Clash of Clans League promises exciting matchups and action. The league will be divided into two divisions. The tournament itself will follow a 5v5 TH14 one attack per player match format, with each team comprised of five players. The two divisions are handled slightly differently as far as formatting goes.

Division 1 will be made up of 18 invited teams in a single round-robin league. Each team will at some point compete against the remaining 17 teams. Winners will be determined by the placement of each team by the end of the season. Therefore, Division 1 will not feature a playoff.

Division 2 will also see 18 teams compete in a single round-robin format. Again, teams will eventually all compete against one another throughout the season. However, Division 2 will have playoff matches. The top two teams of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 towards the end of the season. The teams holding the 3-6 spots will then compete in the playoffs to secure the final spot for promotion into Division 1. Semi-final and final matches will be Bo2.

Naturally, two prize pools will be put on the line, with the much larger Division 1 prize pool adding up to $10,000 CAD split among the top five placements.

The Northern Arena Clash of Clans League will be broadcasted on GINX Esports TV and on Northern Arena’s Twitch channel beginning May 2.

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