Northern Arena partners with TELUS to support esports in Canada

Today, Northern Arena has formally announced its partnership with TELUS. The partnership between the two companies will span across multiple initiatives the telecommunication company has planned, the first being the TELUS Esports Series.

Northern Arena will take the lead in organizing TELUS’ planned esports events. The partnership will start with the upcoming TELUS Esports Series Rocket League season. Northern Arena will also support the season by managing the broadcasting of the tournament.

“Northern Arena is thrilled about this great partnership with TELUS,” Carl-Edwin Michel, founder and CEO of Northern Arena said. “We want to set the standard for esports events in Canada by producing high quality esports tournaments with high production values. The partnership with TELUS enables us to present the best the gaming community has to offer, and gives us the opportunity to showcase the amazing talent of esports players we have in this country.”

TELUS has been easing its way into the esports scene over the past three years by hosting smaller charity tournaments and local events. However, the TELUS Esports Series will be the company’s first big push into esports.

“The esports ecosystem today concentrates the majority of benefits of organized play in the top tier of players at the highest competitive levels,” said TELUS gaming and esports manager Chris Williamson. “Our intent at TELUS is what it always is – to empower Canadians to experience the full power of connectivity. We intend to flip this ecosystem on its head and enable amateur players to experience the vast social and competitive benefits of organized play. I’m excited to kick off TELUS’ journey into the esports space with this event in partnership with a triple-A vendor like Northern Arena, and I look forward to more exciting and innovative events to come.”

The TELUS Esport Series begins on May 17 with the Rocket League series kicking things off.

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