Our completely unbiased PC Gaming Show 2020 highlights

The PC Gaming Show has wrapped for 2020, and so here I am to give you a list of highlights that you’re sure to love!  There was a whole slew of new games dropping in the next year or so to go through. However, if you’re like me you probably slept through most of it because of reasons.

No matter! I got you – this is my list of the Most Important games from The PC Gaming Show 2020.

Starting off the highlights with Persona 4 Golden on PC!

The beloved realm-bending RPG, Persona 4 Golden is now on Steam. One of the legendary Atlus re-releases, P4G is more than just a re-release of the old game. P4G instead takes the original Persona 4 and adds tons of new content to explore, mobs to fight and story to unravel.

I won’t delve too far into it, but you play as a group of kids investigating a “string of bizarre murders” related to a strange TV channel. If you’re a Persona fan you already know some weird s**t is about to go down, and if you’re not then I highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

Persona 4 Golden - Steam Launch Trailer | PC

Rogue Lords

You’re the devil. It sounds weird but bear with me. Rogue Lords is a rogue-like turn based game akin to Darkest Dungeon with a Tim Burton flair. You play as the devil and his most loyal disciples to “wreak havoc and terror in a world unbalanced after your long absence.” If that doesn’t interest you then I don’t know what will.

You and your band of ghouls face off against the mortals that stand in your way and the fight won’t be easy. Just remember – the devil doesn’t like to lose, and may pull some strings to “level” the playing field.

Rogue Lords trailer | PC Gaming Show 2020

Among Trees

Among Trees has been on my radar for a while now, and it’s now available for Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Among Trees is a gorgeous trek through the wilderness that emphasizes crafting, construction and survival in a basic sense. It’s not complicated like Don’t Starve – though not starving is a part of it – but rather basic in a good way. There’s fishing, hunting and more.

It’s almost reminiscent of Firewatch, but with less of a focus on story and more on art and gameplay.

Among Trees Launch Trailer


A unique take on the shop keeping sim, Potionomics is turn-based card gameplay, potion-crafting and shop development all in one. It also has a nice mix of art styles to boot! You play a down on their luck shopkeep who needs to level up their potion game to get out of debt.

This begins your quest to find the best ingredients, learn new skills and combinations, and make and sell some quality elixirs. The haggling is all card based, which should make for an interesting twist on that genre – no card fights, just card bartering. With such an interesting mix of genres, Potionomics is sure to have something to offer for all types of players.

Potionomics segment | PC Gaming Show 2020


I don’t even know how to describe Ooblets other than adorable to the Nth degree. Ooblets is a life-sim in which you collect creatures, farm, and just generally live your life. Oh, but also you’re actually farming for the creatures and those creatures are apparently prone to spontaneous dance parties. Yeah, I know right?

It strikes me almost as if Stardew Valley, The Sims, and Pokemon all got pushed into a teleporter together and came out fused on the other side à la The Fly. It was featured on Wholesome Direct last month too, if that gives you any indication of how cute this game will be.

Ooblets Early Access Trailer

Honorable Mention goes to Outlast only because I’m a coward

I should also mention for all you horror buffs out there – something which I am the exact opposite of – that there is going to be a new Outlast game!

The Outlast Trials is the newest iteration of contained terror in the popular Outlast series. Set during the Cold War, you and other test subjects are placed under mind control and tasked to survive said trials. Basically it’s like playing Outlast, except more f**ked up and now with friends! Because what’s better than having to survive imminent death and accidentally s**tting yourself when you have friends around to witness your embarrassment before your untimely death.

Anything. Anything is more fun than that.

Anyway here is the trailer for all you closeted masochists out there.

And that’s it!

Those were some of the highlights from the PC Gaming Show 2020. If you wanted to take a look-see at any or all of the other announcements from the PC Gaming Show, go over and check out the full stream. You can also find separate trailers for all the games on their YouTube channel, I would’ve linked the playlist but they haven’t made one yet, and I’m not giving you guys a free pass to my cringey channel.

And that concludes this totally unbiased list of highlights that totally didn’t gloss over any other horror games and mostly focused on interesting or adorable ideas! What were some of your favorites? Feel free to hunt me down and tell me why I’m stupid and wrong and should change my list! I’m just putting exclamation points everywhere because someone told me I should be more expressive!

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