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Playtra Games partners with It Gets Better Project to support LGBTQ+ gamers

Developer Playtra Games have announced they are partnering up with the It Gets Better Project non-profit. The mission of the partnership is to improve LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity in gaming, and to reach LGBTQ+ gamers everywhere and support them through their shared passion.

Playtra’s upcoming project, action RPG Grid Force, is part of this mission. The game features an all-female cast of 45 playable characters, and depicts a world on the verge of collapse.

Grid Force puts the emphasis on inclusion, personal growth, and responsibility. The characters players meet in-game have their own stories and difficult personal circumstances, and players need to navigate their new relationships with care and respect.

“Representation in games matters because for many kids, playing a video game is their only way to get beyond their immediate bubble. The world is changing, but for many LGBTQ+ children and young adults, they still feel alone and isolated,” said Playtra founder Dan Bernardo. “But you’re not alone. You might not be in the best situation right now, but you can join communities online or play games to hear stories like your own. The It Gets Better Project has been sharing this message for years, and we’re excited to get to be a part of that mission.”


This collaboration will translate in Grid Force with a story centered on inclusivity and self-empowerment, and resources linked in game to help LGBTQ+ players get in touch with the It Gets Better Project. Playtra Games will also highlight the It Gets Project Project during the game’s promotion cycle, and will host a post-release fundraising event benefiting the non-profit.

Grid Force is tentatively scheduled for a Q1 2022 release. More announcements are expected in the coming months.

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