Razer’s Tomahawk packs big power in a little package

This thing is like a damn TARDIS

PC building buffs and novices listen up! Razer has released the Tomahawk gaming desktop and case. The Razer Tomahawk is a tiny computer case that utilizes Intel’s NUC hardware. 

NUC means Next Unit of Computing. Assembly in the Tomahawk is super simple and straightforward. Pick the kit you want with the amount of RAM, ports and the processor you need. Add in your GPU and you’re pretty well set.

The case itself is an absolutely tiny and you can check out all the internals simply by pulling the handle. Easy in, easy out is the name of the game here.

Razer has said that the Tomahawk will be fully modular and customizable. Due to size constraints, you may find yourself running into issues fitting some of the larger GPU’s in there. Clearance may also be an issue when it comes to some RAM sets, and they can get decently tall. It may not be as customizable or upgradeable as a full size case would be. But if you were looking at this small form factor, that probably wouldn’t matter to you much anyway.

What I thought of when I saw the Razer Tomahawk
I honestly couldn’t stop thinking of this when I saw how they pull open the case.

Now, yeah, obviously this is only part of your main build. But if you wanted to build a PC to your specifications, and wanted it to be portable, this is the case for you. And hey, if you needed a monitor to go along with your travel-sized build; ROG has you covered. It is also worth a mention that Intel has their own version of this, albeit more stripped back.

Forget gaming laptops, this technology is a game changer if I’m being honest. I realize the idea of small computers is nothing new. Intel has been at this since the early 2010’s. But to finally reach a point where I can have a powerful gaming PC smaller than a laptop: woah. Yes, I know Concept UFO exists, I just don’t fully count that – yet.

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