ROG’s portable monitor comes with a tripod for gaming on the go

For when you have a business meeting at 3 and a tournament at 4

Republic of Gamers has made it a little easier to game in style while on the go. ROG will soon be releasing a portable monitor with optional tripod mount. The monitor itself was shown off back in 2019, but is making a reappearance with a few new features, the main one being the optional tripod so you can get just a bit closer to mimicking your home setup.

ROG's Tripod monitor in action
ROG’s portable monitor in action, connected to a gaming laptop. Not half bad looking.

High power, low space

The monitor is an important part of any gaming setup, especially if you’re serious about the games you play. The higher the frame-rate, the faster you can react to anything. ROG’s new offering comes with a smart cover that doubles as an adjustable stand. You can use it as a second screen for your laptop, or connect your phone to see the bigger picture. The monitor sports a 240Hz refresh rate and has Adaptive-Sync for those times your laptop just can’t handle the action. Gaming laptop or not, you’re covered and won’t have to worry about any issues as it supports anywhere from 48Hz to 240Hz.

ROG has thankfully included two USB-C ports. The first is for powering the monitor and charging it up – with USB-C allowing charging from laptops, wall sockets or even battery banks. The other port is for Displayport input, but don’t fret if you don’t have USB-C because it also has a built in micro-HDMI, making it perfect for consoles as well.  At 17” this monitor is perfect for gaming away from home. We don’t have many details as of yet for the price of ROG’s portable monitor, but they’ve said you can contact your local ASUS rep if you want it that badly.

Kevin's monitor layout
This is my monitor setup, I suppose you could say I like Persona.

It sounds like a cool idea if I’m honest; I don’t travel often and I still debated getting it. I believe it would make a great pairing not only for gaming laptops, but also for the Alienware Concept UFO, when it ends up hitting the market.

I’m constantly being teased for having too many monitors (it’s only three!) But with the unveiling of this new versatile beast, I may just give them a reason to tease me.

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