Song of Horror will release its last chapter on May 28

It’s been almost a year since the first Song of Horror chapter’s release. Players have been patiently waiting for the last chapter to come out, but with the pandemic, naturally there were delays. However, in three days’ time, we’ll finally get to play the closing chapter of the game! It’s definitely been one hell of a ride, and Song of Horror developer Protocol Games have promised us a truly challenging last chapter, facing off The Presence one last time.

What we know so far about the last chapter

So far, we’ve gathered that the last chapter of Song of Horror will include former patients of the psychiatric hospital, but also a new character named Lidia, Daniel’s guardian angel. She’s the only person to have listened to the song and managed to survive.

Song of Horror’s last chapter

This last episode will deliver a conclusion to all the separate narrative strings and bring everyone’s story to a very unexpected ending in a “bone-chilling epilogue,” according to published Raiser Games. More importantly, after the long journey, players will finally learn why the song was created in the first place, and what the Presence actually is.

Personal thoughts

I’ve always been one to love horror movies, stories and games. That said, playing the first 4 chapters was incredibly fun – and terrifying at the same time, I might add. I loved the concept of the game and loved how unique the story is, and not just as someone who loves all things horror.

Song of Horror’s last chapter

There were imperfections in Song of Horror, as there are in most games. First, exploring was sort of awkward, thanks to the somewhat unresponsive controls and klutzy animation. However, I feel like the rich story and engaging missions truly overcome those few downsides.

I personally can’t wait to see how the story ends – especially to find out why the Song was created in the first place.

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