SQUAD returns to Amazon Prime Video and GINX Esports TV Canada on Jan. 13

Northern Arena announced today that SQUAD is making its return to TV starting on Jan. 13. Airing weekly on Amazon Prime Video and GINX Esports TV Canada, SQUAD will bring original video game analysis and commentary to the small screen.

The weekly show will be hosted by Camille Salazar-Hawaway, Eren “Caboose” Kose, Steve Saylor, and Steve Vegvari. Each episode will run for 30-minutes and cover a broad range and gaming and esports subjects.

SQUAD first began airing in September, 2019. Running over the course of multiple seasons, SQUAD presented analysis on the esports industry as well as gaming at large. A number of prolific guests including esports players, commentators, content creators, and community figures were featured as guests during the show’s original run.

As a precaution with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SQUAD will be filmed and produced remotely. Each host will feature their eclectic setups while still providing thoughtful commentary on the biggest news and announcements in gaming.

The return of SQUAD will air on Jan. 13 on Amazon Prime Video and GINX Esports TV Canada.

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Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario. His adoration for everything gaming began very early on in the SNES-era. He’s gone on to write honest content around the web. While not writing about games, Steve is often looking for the next big narrative-driven title. Something with an impactful story, regardless of genre or platform. Bonus points if it has an appealing achievement/trophy list!
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