Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes content creator AhnaldT101 calls for spending boycott on the game

AhnaldT101's empire strikes back

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes content creator and community figure Chris “AhnaldT101” Ponicki is calling for a money spending boycott on the game. The boycott targets the newly announced in-game event that will unlock the playable character Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. AhnaldT101 hopes this boycott will impact Capital Games’ profit reports for this fiscal quarter (April – June 2020), and thus force them to communicate with him and the community.

Recent controversy prompted this call-to-action as AhnaldT101 took issue with Capital Games and what he perceives as inconsistent treatment of players on their behalf, specifically in terms of account violation punishments.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Jedi Luke AhnaldT101

The timing of the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker event has left some players puzzled in more than one way, as the event was announced less than a week after the AhnaldT101 dispute. As a lead up, Capital Games left puzzles on their forum, creating an event for the community to discover upcoming content. This isn’t the first time Capital Games has used puzzles to announce upcoming content. Once the puzzles were solved, a Luke Skywalker launch video could then be accessed behind a private YouTube link as a reward. The reception to the reveal has been negative, and players are hitting the dislike button in droves.

Capital Games have not yet made a public statement regarding AhnaldT101’s ban. He has the most subscribers of any YouTuber who covers Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – 156,000 at the time of this writing. The banned account situation is also picking up traction as YouTubers outside the game are also commenting on the scandal. The general consensus in that space is that it’s unusual for game developers to negotiate with hackers breaking their Terms of Service.

AhnaldT101 will pivot to Marvel Strike Force content 

AhnaldT101 has insisted that he will continue to create SWGOH content, but recently also announced a pivot to cover Marvel Strike Force content. He’s been a beta tester for the past eight months, and plans to release plenty of their content in June. Only time will tell if this partial or full game pivot will resonate with his Star Wars subscriber base.

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