Streamers set off to catch 1 million Pokemon for childhood cancer research

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is challenging streamers on Twitch to catch a million Pokemon and raise funds for childhood cancer research around the world.

Throughout the week of April 24, the Pokemon community on Twitch will try to catch a total of one million Pokemon. The goal of this 7-day gaming marathon is to raise $100,000. This sum will fund the most promising childhood cancer research projects, regardless of location.

The official website of Catch a Million will follow the progress of the initiative in real-time. A Twitch-integrated app tracks the Pokemon each streamer captures to update the million-Pokemon goal. As the event progresses, this counter will show which content creator caught the most Pokemon. It will also unlock new challenges for all the participants.

Streamers can catch Pokemon from all the games in the series, from Red and Blue through Pokemon Go. TwitchPlaysPokemon is also back with a dedicated face-off. Team Bruce Greene and Team KaraCorvus battle in a race to catch the most Pokemon, but only using the “Twitch Plays” chat-driven gameplay format. The chat of each stream will determine the actions of the player and try to complete the classic Pokemon Red and Blue games.

You can support this initiative by either joining as a partnered streamer or by viewing one of the affiliated streams. The Catch a Million event will run from April 24 through April 30.

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