Terraria reaches its Journey’s End with massive final update

The end of an era... for now

Terraria’s ninth anniversary is right around the corner, and with it comes the final massive content drop – the Journey’s End update.

Yup, you read that right. Terraria’s famously huge updates are finally coming to a head as Re-Logic gears up to add 1000 more new items and tons of new content to the already massive game. The 1.4 update drops on May 16, and pretty much everyone is ready for it. Especially the popular Terraria YouTuber James Robert Charles Bennett aka ChippysCouch.

I’m a huge fan of Terraria, though I admit I haven’t picked it up in about a year or so. That’s why it was so shocking to hear about the new update. And why it was heartbreaking to learn that it would be the game’s last.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about what kinds of new content we can expect. 

Journey’s End is gearing up to be awesome perfect

With the Journey’s End update – as with all large updates – players can expect a plethora of new stuff. We’re talking: items, weapons, NPC’s – enemies and bosses included – and some new gameplay features. One notable change is an overhaul of the world generation system, featuring new mini-biomes with new flora and fauna. Oh yeah, and there’s this cool little feature they’re adding in called block-swapping, and it’s everything we’ve ever wanted.

Terraria Journey's End

There’s also the Void Vault.  Think of it like Wormhole Fulton from Metal Gear Solid V: you pick up an item, and if your inventory is full, it just *poofs* back to your house.

Metal Gear Solid V - Wormhole Fulton

It’s the kind of game that you can’t get tired of

Terraria has come a long way in nine years. I’ve loved watching and experiencing how the game has changed over the past seven years of me playing it. Over that time I’ve left and come back to the game numerous times, spending more and more time playing after each return. I couldn’t tell you what it is about Terraria that keeps me so engrossed, but I just love it. I’ve spent countless hours just exploring the dungeons and fighting off hordes of enemies. The game never had any concrete objective, you just kind of did what you wanted and set your own goals.

That freedom to do anything you want is reminiscent of similar games like Minecraft and uh… Minecraft. There’s something about the infinite possibility that unlocks something inside you – whether it be an intrepid adventurer, master decorator, or a maniacal demon-hunter. Whatever it is, and whatever playstyle suits you, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to do in Terraria. 

The Journey’s End, and possibility of a new beginning

For those of you that are as equally troubled – and out of the loop – as I am by the announcement, fret not. There is a sequel in the works! It has actually been confirmed for years now, as early as October 2013 according to multiple sources. Now, the initial announcement was made seven years ago, which has rightfully led fans to think it’s either fake, or cancelled. Neither possibility has been confirmed.

Speculation time!

Terraria 2 is reportedly going to be very different, yet familiar – as is the golden formula for new products. Just novel enough to draw you in, but familiar enough to not disrupt your flow. It’s said to expand upon the lore of the Terraria universe, and creator Andrew “Redigit” Spinks wants to break the limits set by the original. He has previously talked about wanting infinite worlds, expanded biome diversity, and more. 

The way it sounds, Spinks is looking to really shake things up for the sequel. As it stands now, Terraria is something of an aimless quest to do anything and everything you can. Will the sequel function similarly? Will it have some sort of dedicated story mode, with quests and other RPG elements? We still don’t know. The announced Journey mode sounds like it will incorporate a story of some sort, but Re-Logic has been tight-lipped on that whole situation, so it looks like we’ll have to wait to find out.

You’re right to be cynical, but have some faith

It’s a fair worry that the sequel may be canned, as the spin-off game – Terraria: Otherworldwas cancelled three years after its announcement. Otherworld has a promising premise, but it simply hit too many bumps in the road to continue on. Hope isn’t lost entirely though, as the lost spin-off may live on in the sequel. Re-Logic still has all the assets and resources used in development, and they themselves said that parts of Otherworld may find themselves in future titles. 

In any case, for now we all have 1.4 to focus on, and we’ll likely get a solid six months out of it anyway. If you run out of content there’s always mods to keep the experience going. Yup, Terraria has pretty much cemented its status as the “little indie game that could”. In any case, I’m excited to see what Journey’s End brings to the table. And don’t be too sad, after all – “Part of the journey is the end.”

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