The Division 2 is bringing the action back to New York

"Warning: now leaving a safe area"

The Division 2: Warlords of New York is arriving soon with a ton of new content. It seems that players are headed back to where it all began.

Up until now The Division 2 only had the agents, the concepts and a few references to tether it to its predecessor. With Episode 3 comes a return to New York – the setting from the first game. Your next mission takes you to Coney Island to extract a high profile virologist. But that’s not all, as Ubisoft has planned a larger scale return to the dystopian streets of Lower Manhattan.

The Warlords of New York expansion brings back familiar enemies in the Rikers, Cleaners and Peacekeepers for agents to take down all over again. 

The Division

Something old, something new

The expansion also adds tons of endgame content – new exotics, events, a new level cap and seasons. Seasons last for three months and allow you to earn unique new cosmetics and items. Progression post level 30 has been reworked – field profficiencies are being replaced with SHD levels and new features alongside it.

Avalanche of new content aside, I’m interested in the big return to New York. I’m still working my way through The Division 2 with my friends, and we’re still finding new things all the time. 

Fixing the past

In my opinion Ubisoft and Massive have done a great job with the longevity of the game. Bringing agents back to New York gives players of the original game a great opportunity to explore what has happened in their absence. I’m excited to see how things have progressed in the “six months” since the outbreak in New York. Hunting down Aaron Keener may give players the ultimate satisfaction –  finally taking down an ever-looming background threat. 

This also gives the devs an opportunity to fix some of the issues with the environment of the first game. Ubisoft had notoriously let players down when it came to The Division – regardless of how well it may have recovered. Returning to the old setting with new visuals opens them up to let players have the experience they originally promised. 

The Division New York scenery

I’ve always preferred New York as the setting for this tragedy. Something about the looming skyscrapers and emptiness of Times Square felt like an active threat that piqued a morbid curiosity. Washington is done well, and the conquered landmarks and emptiness create a whole new sense of danger for the players. 

Get ready for a major remodel, fellas

I was sad to know that The Division 2 didn’t take off as it deserved. It’s a major improvement over the original that maintains and adds upon what made it enjoyable. It’s a smooth experience that doesn’t feel repetitive even after months of play.

Players were really starting to reach the end of their rope, going a year without any major developments. Hopefully the new update and expansion will alleviate some of these complaints. While some have taken issue with the $30 price tag, I’m hoping it will be worth it – especially considering the game dropping to $3.

Where do they go from here?

The Division 2 still has a lot of life left in it. Maybe in future DLCs we’ll hear from agents across the country and go on outreach mission, visiting more iconic locations. I’d like to see how the devs continue to push the envelope after Warlords of New York.

I’m hoping we see the return of the popular Survival DLC from the original, as well as some great new ideas and settings. Regardless of what happens in the future, this expansion is coming soon and I’m excited – and scared – to go back.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York launches on March 3.

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