The final major Mario Maker 2 update gives the game life for years to come

Mario Maker 2 fans were greeted with quite a surprise on April 20 when Nintendo released a video revealing the upcoming free update for the game. The video showed off loads of new parts and features to make this easily the biggest update in the history of the series. Most importantly, the update introduces World Maker mode, which will finally let players create their own complete Super Mario games.

Nintendo does make a point of saying this will be the last major update for Mario Maker 2. And while this is sad, much like Terraria‘s recently announced final update, the many new features and items introduced in this update will surely keep players engaged for a long time. Here are a select few that are sure to give creators and players many more hours of game time.

A taste of Super Mario Bros 2

Many players had hoped to get Super Mario Bros 2 as a stand-alone game style. While this seems unlikely to happen at this point, the update does include a new mushroom that turns Mario into his Super Mario Bros 2 version. Instead of stomping on enemies when he jumps on them, Mario will ride atop them. He can even lift them up and throw them.

Another Super Mario Bros 2 addition is the cursed key. Picking this up will cause Phanto to appear and chase after whoever is holding the key. This will be a welcome addition to versus levels where one player can horde a key, thus preventing anyone from moving on with the level. Unfortunately, both the new mushroom and cursed key are exclusive to the Super Mario Bros style.

mario maker 2 update

New parts

All seven Koopalings will be coming to the game. Each one will have different abilities and behaviors. This adds much needed variety to the boss fights in Mario. However, this also means you will undoubtedly run into levels in which the creator has filled up the screen with all the Koopalings, firing off their various projectiles.  

The video shows off new on/off trampolines for Super Mario 3D World. However, observant players will notice the video also shows on/off blocks are included as well. The on/off blocks and switches are undoubtedly the most popular new part in Mario Maker 2. The exclusion of the on/off blocks themselves from Super Mario 3D World was a bit baffling. Despite the video never directly addressing them, these blocks are one of the most exciting additions to the style.

One of the most interesting new parts is the Mechakoopas. These are likely to become a staple in a lot of levels. Mechakoopas can be turned into throwable tools by stomping on them. Unlike shells, Mechakoopas only travel a short distance when thrown. This small difference will surely bring a lot of new interactions and obstacles for players to overcome. They come in three varieties: there are the normal green ones, pink ones that shoot bullets, and blue ones that fire a laser after a short charge. These lasers are even capable of breaking through certain blocks. When played in a night theme, these little machines gain the ability to fly short distances with jet engines.

The World Maker

The most exciting part of the update was the inclusion of the World Maker. Fans have been requesting this feature since the first Mario Maker, and Nintendo certainly delivered here. Players will have a lot of customization options with their worlds. They can pick the theme, add decorations, adjust the elevation, and even change the individual course icons. Creators don’t even have to make their worlds a linear path. They can include optional bonus levels and alternative paths. Each World can contain up to eight smaller worlds and a total of forty courses. This means that everyone can now create their very own Mario game for others to progress through.

Mario maker 2 update

This feature helps a lot with one of the biggest problems of Mario Maker, which is how hard it can get to consistently find new, fun stages to play. Anyone who has played the Endless Level Challenge knows that Mario Maker is filled with levels that are simply unfun to play. This can be because of an overabundance of enemies, trollish obstacles, confusing layouts, or many other frustrating design choices.

With World Maker, players will be able to play through levels from a trusted creator one after the other. While there will undoubtedly be worlds filled with terrible levels, at least the Endless Level Challenge won’t be the only option for seamlessly playing level after level.

The final Mario Maker 2 update looks to be a great one. Mario Maker 2 is a game that is pretty easy to put a lot of hours into. With this new update players will likely find fresh ways to enjoy the game for a long while yet

The Mario Maker 2 World Maker update arrives on April 22.

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