The Final Fantasy VII Remake intro leaked, and it’s amazing

The opening of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has been leaked – or was it an intentional leak?  – and It. Is. Glorious. If you’re a crusty old gamer like me, you’ve been dreaming of a Final Fantasy VII Remake for well over a decade and waiting very impatiently as rumor after rumor failed to pan out. Now that the reality is finally here, hold on to your Materia!

Goddamn, I cannot tell you how much I love these characters! It’s been 23 years, Aeris, and the pain
in my heart is still there… Anyway! As you can see from the leak, the opening of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is a very faithful recreation of the original. There’s a little extra with a rude citizen casually crushing one of Aeris’ flowers. And considering the game was originally supposed to take place in New York City (presumably Manhattan), that fits the tone perfectly. Also, the entire game is about man stomping on nature so there’s that not terribly subtle point as well…

However, one very large change is noticeable when the camera pans out and shows the entire city
of Midgar. In the original, the city is cramped but not exactly huge. In the Final Fantasy VII
Remake, Midgar is freaking enormous! Just one of the pie segments in the new game is easily
larger than the entire city in the original.

And that’s not even including the sprawl outside Midgar. In the original game, the city was
contained inside the walls, with the outside being mostly wilderness and small towns. In the Final
Fantasy VII Remake, there is a significant amount of development right up against the city walls,
making the potential urban and suburban (sort of) area to be explored staggeringly large by

The first chapter of the game is due out in March. Yes, Square Enix is releasing the Remake in episodic format for some reason. This is a bit of an odd choice, but after all this the game will be massive. Did I mention the size of just the city?

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