The new JBL Quantum headsets promise next level spatial awareness

JBL has come out with seven headsets made primarily for gaming. The Quantum line is a set of multi-platform headsets. 

Looking cool and playing better?

JBL is boasting an experience like no other with ultra-immersive sound and “pinpoint” accuracy to give users the edge on the battlefield. Their technology is being called the JBL QuantumSOUND Signature. Headsets can be controlled through their JBL QuantumENGINE software. The new line of headsets are meant to allow players to experience games in a new way; with the spatial awareness as if they were part of the action. Spatial awareness is a huge deal in some games, and audio needs to be spot on.

Apex Legends Scary Footsteps

The JBL Quantum set has something of a retro-futuristic style to it, with a cyan and purple aesthetic. The headsets look very sleek, like something I would be comfortable wearing in my day to day. Speaking on comfort – they have PU leather wrapped foam cushioning, which should allow for comfort over long gaming sessions.

So many gaming headsets, so little money

My interest comes from the technology they use. Many headsets have boasted accurate sounds and spatial awareness, so what makes these any different? If JBL Quantum end up being something truly different then they could be the go to headset for pro-players. Using them for VR gaming would certainly lend a greater level of immersion, with sounds following head-tilts and movement. The more realistic the sound, the more you forget the world around you, which is really one of the many aims of virtual reality.

JBL has a tried and true sound quality with their products. It will be interesting to see how that quality translates to the gaming world. They could easily have released standard headphones, but they went the extra mile. Brand new proprietary spatial technology is no easy feat. On top of that, they included a microphone with pristine sound quality, wired as well as wireless variants, new control software and even accompanying surround-sound speakers with the same technology. Suffice it to say, JBL has really gone all out into a market already saturated and dominated by high-profile brands.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing if JBL’s claims hold any water, but the reviews are looking good. Whether or not they’re able to draw gamers away from competitors and to them instead is yet to be seen. If their past products are any metric, things are looking good for JBL.

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