The Pokémon Twitch community is fundraising for childhood cancer research – here’s how to get involved

Starting next week, the Pokémon Twitch community will work with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise $100,000 for charity, and you can help them reach that goal, too.

Kicking off on April 24, the campaign challenges Pokémon Twitch to catch a total of 1 million Pokémon to help fund childhood cancer research around the world. The Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer charity event concludes on May 1.

Everyone who streams on which is invited to participate. To take part in this community-driven event, all participants must register on CatchAMillion. Each member’s contributions to catching Pokémon go toward the one million target.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions on which Pokémon games are eligible. Whether the streamer walks down memory land with Pokémon Blue and Red or Pokémon Legenda Arceus, all Pokémon caught count.

Throughout the week, CatchAMillion will provide updates with the latest capture data and fundraiser updates. When each streamer is live on Twitch, the integrated tracker app will count each capture so it goes towards the goal.

As a part of the event, TwitchPlayPokemon is hosting a Pokémon Red and Blue face-off. Content creators Bruce Greene and KaraCorvus both play lead roles in this event as they are racing to complete as much Pokemon content as possible.  Additionally, both will use the Twitch Plays chat-drive gameplay format.

All viewers of the event are encouraged to participate in the Twitch Plays race and support all participating Pokémon streamers throughout the week.

Finally, the Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer charity event also spotlights Peter! Peter underwent chemotherapy treatment throughout COVID-19 to treat his osteosarcoma. Spending days in the hospital, Peter found comfort in video games as he was unable to see friends in person. Gaming also offered him a way to connect with others and find a needed distraction. Peter will take part in the event, alongside Greene and KaraCorvus starting on April 24.

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