The Predator Thronos: godly cool, but is it worth it?

For starters, you'd have to be a god to afford it

Acer is becoming a stronger competitor in the luxury gaming market with the Predator Thronos. A literal gaming throne good for expensive gaming cafes or for rich gamers with nothing else to spend money on.

Bang for your buck?

The Thronos line was first seen in 2019 with a $29k price tag attached. V2 was shown off this year at CES 2020, and its price has been slashed almost in half – to $14k. It still appears to be the single most expensive gaming chair in the world.

The Thronos comes equipped with a full Predator loadout, but you’ll have to supply the gaming PC yourself. You get three Predator Z271U curved 27” 165Hz monitors. You also get the rest of the Predator RGB set of peripherals; a Cestus mouse, Aethon keyboard and Galea headphones. The throne totes a scorpion design and a keypad for one-click transformation which includes “Zero-G recline” at a 140° angle. The seat of the throne has haptic drivers embedded in the seat so you can feel every explosion or creak of a door.

Predator Thronos Air | Predator

If that wasn’t enough for you, it also boasts lots of ergonomics. On top of the recline feature, there is a motorized and padded footrest as well as a “mechanized” keyboard tray. What does that mean for your gaming experience? Beats me. But it definitely sounds super cool.

But who is this for?

Now, who would get this? Well, like I said, luxury gaming cafes or arcades *may* partake. Competitive gamers may look at it as a savings goal. In my opinion though, the most likely market for the Predator Thronos is pro players and tournament show-runners. If you’re the best of the best, you need the hardware to match right? No better way to up your game than through killer aesthetics, right?

Realistically, unless you really need a motorized chair, you’re much better off just getting the hardware separately. You could invest in three curved monitors, complete peripherals and a way stronger PC for a fraction of the price.

Admittedly though, this is one of the ultimate ways to fulfill any gaming fantasy, and I would jump at a chance to get one. The only problems being; the price tag, the space and having to get yelled at by my girlfriend for wasting money. *That was just a joke honey.*

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