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The Resident Evil Chapter is now live in Dead by Daylight

On June 15 the Resident Evil chapter finally arrived to Dead by Daylight, bringing a lot of new content into the game. The newcomers into the fog are Nemesis, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine, and there is also the new Racoon City Police Station map. Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has included legendary skins for Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield, Chris being is a cosmetic for Leon S. Kennedy and Claire a cosmetic for Jill Valentine. 

Players who are not interested in buying the entire chapter can get characters individually in game for 500 auric cells each. As always, the characters start at level 1, but you can at least try out their unique perks before deciding who you want to spend Bloodpoints on.  

The new Killer Nemesis is a force to be reckoned with. He brings Zombies into the Entity’s realm along with the T-Virus. Survivors must run from this brutal beast to escape contamination. Nemesis is also armed with a long tentacle that can hit Survivors from a range to quickly incapacitate them. Once Nemesis has his eyes set on a target its chances of escape are slim to none.

If you want to learn more about the Nemesis’ power, check out our Nemesis guide. We’ve also prepared an article highlighting the best uses for his perks.

Image by Behaviour Interactive

Leon S. Kennedy is one of the most combating Survivors added to Dead by Daylight to date. He can take the unimportant parts out of generators to create small flash grenades. With these devices Leon can take on the Killer, and allow his fellow Survivors a chance to escape.   

Jill Valentine is a resilient Survivor who presses on in the face of danger. Jill can lay traps for the Killer to buy her team time to escape. If you would like to know more about playing as the new Survivors, we have prepared guides for Leon’s perks and Jill’s perks.   

The legendary skins of Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield cost 1485 auric cells and are the first of their kind in Dead by Daylight. Usually legendary skins are a set of three linked cosmetics to change your entire character’s appearance. What is unique to these skins is that they change the name of the Survivor and their profile picture during a trial, and in post game lobbies. In effect it feels like you are playing an entirely new Survivor, and not just a skin of one. 

Image by Behaviour Interactive

One part of the Resident Evil chapter you will experience right away – even if you don’t buy it – is the Racoon City Police Station. Maps are always free for all players to enjoy.

Racoon City Police Station is a large two story building with some outside areas. This realm has confusing hallways and dead ends, so make sure to learn its layout fast when playing as Survivor. To be honest, the Killer can easily become lost in the hallways too. This new map will confuse even the most experienced players.

Stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight content!

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