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The Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter is out now in Dead By Daylight

RE crossover #2 - Electric Boogaloo

Today marks the launch of the PROJECT W Chapter – the second crossover between Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil. This new Chapter sees the likes of Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers entering the realm of the Entity.

This time around, players will be treated to a rework of the Racoon City Police Department map, along with three new playable characters. Players also have some new cosmetics available for purchase. New outfits for Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine will allow them to enter the fog as Carlos Oliveira and Sheva Alomar respectively. Killer mains also get their due, with The Legion receiving a Hunk Legendary skin as well.

Killer mains get to step into the shoes of a brand new killer called The Mastermind – who fans may know better as Albert Wesker – one of Resident Evil’s most iconic antagonists. Wesker’s ability – Virulent Bound, easily allows him to close the gap between him and the survivors. Once he reaches a survivor with this dash, he grabs them, restraining them and infecting them with the Uroboros virus – from there, it’s only a matter of time….

Dead By Daylight Albert Wesker
Image by Behaviour Interactive

Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers bring their own set of abilities into the fog. Ada Wong is a survivalist that thrives in dire situations, making the most of what she has available while keeping tabs on the competition. Rebecca Chambers is a dedicated field medic – always taking care of those around her, while focusing on efficiency and progress.

The Raccoon City Police Department has also undergone some changes. The RCPD map has received a total quality of life update in line with player feedback. The rework sees the RCPD splitting into two separate maps, each with improved pathways and overall map flow.

Last but not least, players will now have access to the PROJECT W collection. This collection features outfits for all current Resident Evil characters, as well as Feng Min and Felix Richter. Players can outfit their characters in various Resident Evil outfits. Leon, Ada, Rebecca, and Feng Min get their own special getups, with Wesker, Jill, and Felix getting their very own S.T.A.R.S outfits.

The Dead By Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter is available to play now. Keep your wits about you… you never know what kind of leather trench coat-wearing mutants could be out there.

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