The Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland event is on now

Sing me a song lil' slime

Calling all ranchers on the Far Far Range: the Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland limited time holiday event is now out for Slime Rancher. From Dec. 18 to 30 celebrate the passing of another year on the range with the twinkle slimes! Every day the twinkle slime will pay your ranch a visit, popping up in a random location. The twinkle slime will emit music to lead you to its location and those with the sharpest hearing receive musical chimes. If you would like to be familiar with the tune before hopping in check out the wiki. And if you end up chasing the twinkle slime too far, worry not because they open up a homeward bound portal after being found.

Ranchers can use these chimes to create music by placing them in a certain order. Finding the twinkle slime 6 times unlocks 6 instruments for the chimes themselves. New tunes can be composed by using the chime changer to alter the sounds. There are 13 chimes all in all to give you the freedom to compose to your hearts’ content.

A singing Twinkle Slime

As another little dash of holiday spirit, there is also a giveaway going on for Slime Rancher goodies. This year the giveaway consists of:

  • An autographed collector’s edition of Slime Rancher for either Xbox One or PS4
  • A giftable key for Slime Rancher on Steam
  • Both original soundtracks for Slime Rancher on Steam
  • A Steam key for the Secret Style Pack
  • A glitter-foil sticker pack provided by For Fans By Fans
  • And a choice of 3 Slime Rancher plushies

The Slime Rancher Wiggly Wonderland event is on for 11 more days. Be sure to visit your ranch every day to make the most of your chimes. There are 11 more twinkle slimes and 11 more chimes to obtain. Unfortunately, twinkle slimes do not produce plorts, so they are truly special. Be sure to see them while you can! Happy holidays and have fun on the range!

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