The Valorant closed beta broke Twitch viewership records two weeks in a row

On the first day of its closed beta, the game broke the previous record it had set itself

Valorant is the hot topic of these past weeks in esports. Riot’s new FPS isn’t even out yet, and professional players from various horizons are already dropping everything to “focus” on it. This new competitive 5v5 tactical shooter built a lot of hype ever since it was first teased under the code name Project A last year.

Combining classic tactical elements from other competitive shooters, agents with dedicated abilities, and a solid focus on gunplay, Valorant offers something for many different kinds of players.

Valorant set a new viewership record on Twitch

Valorant’s closed beta release comes at perfect time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gamers worldwide are stuck at home, with many finding little else to do other than play games or watch streams. This new game, aiming to appeal to all kinds of FPS players, couldn’t have come at a better time.

With popular players leaving other professional esport scenes forValorant, the hype around the game is growing bigger every day. And today was finally the day everyone got to see Valorant live. As streamers sampled Riot’s tactical shooter live, Twitch’s single-day hours watch record was shattered:  over 34 million hours watched.

Valorant Gameplay

The previous record of 12.2 million hours watched was held by also Valorant, when Riot Games revealed some gameplay on April 3. To say that this game is hype is severely underplaying it. Players are thirsting for it.

Players can get beta keys by watching streams

The beta of Valorant is not yet publicly available. However, players can watch official streams in hopes to get a key to the private beta. With this opportunity to get their hands on something so popular, many watch their favorite streamer play the game, boosting its total viewership metrics even more.

Valorant will be officially released during the Summer of 2020. It will be free-to-play, of course.

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