The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core is the budget option for the competitive gamer

Today marks the unveiling of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core wireless controller – a budget-friendly option that should still keep you at peak competitive form.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 “Core” model is a controller designed to be customizable to the player’s specifications. As far as premium controllers go, the Elite Series 2 Core is a good option for those looking to stay competitive while on a budget.

The Elite Series 2 Core is a stripped-down version of the base Series 2 controller with many of the same offerings. All it’s missing are the external paddles and swappable thumbsticks/D-pad. That’s not to say that the Core is a lesser controller – it still features adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a battery life of up to 40 hours, and unlimited customization with the Xbox Accessories app. The central Xbox button is now also customizable on all Elite Series 2 controllers, for that added splash of RGB if you so desire.

For those looking to upgrade their experience, The Complete Component Pack is available separately. The Complete Component pack includes those extra interchangeable components to make your controller as effective and personalized as possible. The pack contains:

  • One standard cross-style D-pad
  • Variable height thumbsticks – two classics, one tall and one dome
  • Four paddles – two medium and two mini paddles
  • Carrying case
  • Charging dock
  • USB-C charging cable

The Complete Component Pack is also compatible with any other Elite Series 2 controller. This way, you can mix and match as you please.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller and Complete Component Pack are now available and should make a great addition to your competitive arsenal.


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Carl-Edwin Michel

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