There are three Kingdom Hearts projects on the horizon

The Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC just recently launched, and with it came a ton of promotion for the series. Series director Tetsuya Nomura and co-director Tai Yasue both did interviews that were released on the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter account. During the interview with Nomura, he was asked about plans for future Kingdom Hearts projects. Based on past trends with the series, one might expect it could be many years before another game.

However, Nomura revealed that they haven’t just started on the next game, they actually have two brand new teams working on Kingdom Hearts projects. That is not including the existing Kingdom Hearts 3 and Union Cross teams. He also confirmed that one of these projects is coming “surprisingly soon.”


Project Xehanort

The next day, the team for the mobile game, Union Cross, revealed a new title of their own. Currently dubbed Project Xehanort, it is another mobile game based on the series previous main antagonist. They say it is meant to be somewhat of an origin story, detailing how he became a seeker of darkness.

Funnily enough, there is a scene in the ReMind campaign that seems to tease that very premise. Clearly they want players to start questioning the topic more now that they want to explore it. This new mobile game is slated to launch in Spring of 2020. A “Guess the Name Campaign” is being held on Twitter until Jan. 28. Ten winners who can guess what the final project name is will be awarded with a $100 Amazon gift card. The only hint they gave is that it is eight letters and two words. Maybe you can figure it out?

So unless there was some confusion, that’s three new Kingdom Hearts titles coming in the next few years. It’s unlikely that an actual Kingdom Hearts 4 is among them. Typically, there is always at least one side game between numbered titles.

It is still incredibly exciting though as every game in the series is canonical and adds something to the story. I am sure that for many fans, it will be a relief to know we won’t have to wait nearly as long as we did for Kingdom Hearts 3.

After playing through ReMind, it seems to me that Tetsuya Nomura has a clear path in his mind for where the story will go from here. It’s nothing but confusing nonsense to us for now, but at least we know we have many more games on the way to clear things up.

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