TikTok to shake up the gaming space (again) in November

Last week, I wrote about the sweet moves that TikTok gaming was making to blast into the video game content space. With a focus on career development, networking, and a new sub-based structure on the Pulse platform, TikTok gamers have a great opportunity shaping up.

This week, murmurings around TikTok seem to suggest that the app (and parent ByteDance) are preparing to integrate games and mobile gaming into its platform as well.

The situation:

In my previous article, I focused mainly on TikTok’s upcoming ‘TikTok made me play it’ event on November 2, 2022. A lot of speculation seems to suggest that there will be more news to announce beyond just what it means for gaming content creators and audiences.

Nuverse games
Image by Nuverse

TikTok’s parent, ByteDance is already heavily invested in mobile gaming and app development/publishing under its gaming entity: Nuverse. It looks like recent news suggests a dedicated spot for games and a “standalone gaming channel.”

The details:

The Financial Times reported yesterday that TikTok just announced the addition of a dedicated tab within the TikTok homepage/feed specifically for Gaming.

“Users will be able to access the games via a button on the homepage of what is one of the world’s most popular video apps. It will feature a host of mobile games where ads can be served and users can pay for additional content, according to four people familiar with the plans.” – The Financial Times

Game development and distribution are not strange territory for ByteDance. Many don’t know that the TikTok parent company has had a long history of video game publishing and acquisition. It acquired the publisher of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Moonton) with strong reports that it paid around $4B for the acquisition and beat out competitor Tencent Games for the buy.

ByteDance singularly drove more than $1 billion USD over the last year and has been testing game development adoption, delivery, and engagement in China markets long before. It’s suddenly not such a big stretch that TikTok could absolutely be leaning into games publishing and accessibility through its platform, right?

What it means for gamers:

Well, aside from the obvious (look out for the dedicated gaming tab on your TikTok app), even more, aggressive movies into the gaming space. This time, not just a focus on content, creators, and audiences, but also a foray into gaming availability and engagement with mobile gaming titles themselves.

TikTok Gaming
Image by TikTok

I believe this will be a wholly-embedded experience within TikTok, featuring showcases from titles, a largely mobile gaming focus, and content showcase opportunities for those titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you are a creator looking for a fresh(er) start, anyone will tell you you’re already late to the TikTok party, but you might be timely for TikTok’s gaming party. If you enjoy gaming content and you want better options to find and engage with creators, that seems to be on the menu too.

For gamers looking to be involved – it’s high time to genuinely give mobile gaming a try. Start with some of the titles that TikTok, specifically ByteDance, is involved with like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Ragnarok X: Next Generation or browse Nuverse titles like Marvel Snap.

In any case, TikTok looks like the player to watch in the coming months as digital communities battle for command of gaming content in the social media and creator economy. I for one am looking forward to what’s planned on Nov. 2.

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