Town of Salem 2 gets an official Early Access release date

BlankMediaGames is back and they’ve announced Town of Salem 2! Town of Salem 2 goes into Early Access on May 26th, 2023. This trip back to the town promises to provide players with even more excitement and difficulty.

The Coven has taken control of the town of Salem once more. Players must utilize their wits and abilities to triumph as a Town member or to remain in the shadows as a member of the Coven, Neutral, or Apocalypse factions.

Town of Salem 2 introduces a slew of new roles, each with its own set of powers that players can exploit. Furthermore, the new Apocalypse Faction and Four Horsemen game modes offer a new element of complexity to the game.

Players have more influence over the roles they play using scrolls and cursed scrolls, and the ability to ban specific roles or add game modifiers gives a unique gameplay experience. With the ability to tag players, roles, and keywords in chat, communication is easier than ever. Customization is also an important component in Town of Salem 2, allowing players to personalize their characters, pets, and even the décor of their home. The game even features free movement in lobbies, at night, and as a ghost, unlike the first game.

Players can help the fight against the Coven or join them and take over the Town of Salem once and for all.
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