Trains and automation abound in RAILGRADE – now en-route to Steam

Planet Coaster hits Factorio in RAILGRADE – porting soon to Steam and GOG games! In this train-based game of factory automation, players will assemble dense rail networks, grow cities and construct industrial production chains all the while making their way through their own tale of economic revival in an off-world colony.

RAILGRADE sees players rebuilding the economy of an off-world colony mismanaged by the Nakatani Chemicals corporation. Building complex production chains and growing cities with customizable trains, players have compared the experience to a childhood model train set come alive.

Featuring 60+ story missions, players can look forward to 30 to 120 minutes of story-driven puzzles – giving prospective conductors lots to keep them busy. There are also tons of side missions if you just can’t get enough of the rails after all of that.

Amidst resource management, the weight of the economy on your back, and the stress of running not only a sprawling railway network but accompanying mining operations, a lumber mill, power generation… it’s a lot of pressure is all I’m saying. Anyway, there’s a cinematic mode too if you want to just relax – or if you’re just a big fan of trains, because same.

RAILGRADE’s Steam and GOG debut comes later this year (and there’ll be a discount on launch too, but you didn’t hear it from me) with a large roadmap for players to look forward to. Personally, I’m not ready for another train-based time sink… but we’ll see what happens.

All aboard, right?

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