Turn enemies into platforming allies in 2D Sci-fi platformer Transmogrify

Are you a fan of aliens, 2D Sci-fi platformers, and retrofuturistic soundtracks? Yeah? Well, how convenient! Transmogrify may just be the perfect game for you!

Transmogrify is a strange retro-styled platformer that sees players take control of Chris — a janitor stranded at Future Perfect Labs where strange and deadly specimens have breached containment and overrun the facility – similar to SCP – Containment Breach.

Armed with the experimental Transmogrify device, it’s up to you to turn monsters into slime cubes, bouncy springs, or even heavy ordnance in order to aid your escape from the infested lab.  Meanwhile, you’ll work with your feisty AI companion, Grace, to uncover the secrets of Future Perfect Labs. Travel through numerous weird sci-fi worlds, each devolving into chaos as the entire system approaches collapse while using your puzzle-solving wits and lateral thinking talents to find your way to safety.

Changing creatures into useful tools for your own escape may sound somewhat questionable, but so is keeping said deadly creatures captive in a lab, so we’re not going to be pointing any fingers anytime soon. Transmogrify is available now on Steam, so get geared up and be sure to keep the Transmogrify device pointed away from your face – unless you want to end up like those weird slug creatures.

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