Two more Phasmophobia maps are in the works after Prison

Keep the new content rolling!

Phasmophobia is soon slated to release new content for the first time as their Prison location is currently being playtested on beta. It’s easy for most players to get caught up in the Prison hype, but if you want more you should be lurking in the Kinetic Games Trello board to see what’s coming down the line. What’s immediately eye catching is the Backlog section showing work on two new Phasmophobia locations: Mansion and Apartment. Clearly Phasmophobia has plenty of content planned for future updates.

While Prison looks amazing, it also looks like another locations to get completely lost in. Mansion and Apartment will hopefully bring Phasmophobia back to a more cramped, close-quarters feel, keeping you feeling claustrophobic and vulnerable both emotionally and physically.

Every location so far has seemed to deliver a subtle narrative of the Ghost behind the location. Apartment has the potential to let players veer into the different lifestyles of its residents, with different décor and themes in each household. If you’ve ever seen Haunting of Hill House, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect Mansion to have that type of unsettling environment.

These future releases indicate there’s more versatility in Phasmophobia’s approach to the locations it lets players hunt for ghosts / be hunted by ghosts in. Here’s to hoping for a Cruise Ship or Motel in the not-so-distant future!

If you’re in the mood to know more (and potentially spoil some things for yourself), the Trello board gives a great insight into what the developers have planned for Phasmophobia in the future.

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