Could Riot’s new FPS Valorant be a true CS:GO competitor?

Coming out some time this summer is Valorant, Riot’s new free-to-play 5v5 FPS. Announced previously as Project A, Valorant seems like a title seriously poised to go head to head with Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Being a game from Riot, it is only natural for people to have high expectations for it, and I am no exception.

Valorant vs CS:GO

CS:GO  is all about real-life life combat scenarios, but Valorant will not be imitating that. Instead, the game is set in its own futuristic version of earth. The game’s characters – known as agents – will have access to not firearms, but also tactical abilities and powers.

That said, most of the abilities shown off so far seem to be just fantasy versions of the usual tactical and zoning tools found in shooter games. You have smokes, DoT grenades, drones and so on.

Valorant - Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]

Despite Valorant‘s similarities with CS:GO, the game differs on some vital points. For starters, we know parts of the gameplay will be dedicated to fortifying locations, controlling territory, scouting and so on. Hopefully at least some of the game modes will be different too.

Riot seems very focused on making Valorant succeed as an esport. To accomplish that, they are providing high performance server infrastructure. Simply put, players will be able to play with a ping lower than 35ms. Not gonna lie, this sounds pretty amazing. And if they succeed in making it happen, a lot of players will be thankful.

Not only that, but they’ve also committed to installing countless anti-cheating systems to preventing wall-hacking, aimbots and other nonsense.

Valorant’s characters

In the beginning of each match, players will have to choose an agent and will be stuck with them for the entire match. Riot has already release some information for a few of the agents Valorant will release with.

Valorant: the new CS:GO competitor?

First there is Sova, who is a magic arrow specialist. These arrows are able to penetrate walls and can travel through the entire map. Cypher lays all sorts of trip mines and can stick cameras onto walls, in order to watch out for flanks. Viper has the powert to unleash poison clouds that blind enemies or corner them. Sage is the game’s equivalent of a healer, being able to heal and even revive allies.

Last but not least, there’s Omen. Omen is an infiltrator type, who specializes in flanking and getting into enemy territory.

Personal thoughts

When I first heard of Valorant, I was pretty excited to see Counter-Strike:Global Offensive was getting some competition, and a run for its money. Why? First, it feels nice to have some variety in your games every once in a while, but so far, no other titles really had gotten to CS:GO’s level.

Second, if Valorant really kicks off, then CS:GO will be forced to improve, resulting in a better player experience.

After watching countless gameplay videos of the alpha version of Valorant, I also noticed that apart from the heavy CS:GO similarities, Riot seems to also have taken some inspiration from Paladins and maybe even Realm Royale. That’s perhaps the only thing about this game that I’m not looking forward to: the potential battle royale mode. Let’s face it, sooner or later games end up adding that mode, and I’m personally not a big fan.

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