War Thunder Mobile hits open beta testing on Android

Console grade military action comes to mobile

Gaijin Entertainment is thrilled to announce the start of open beta testing for War Thunder Mobile, bringing the military sim to mobile devices. For the time being, the game is exclusively accessible for Android devices and may be downloaded in APK format from the official website. It will also be available on Google Play and iOS devices in the coming months.

The game was first introduced as War Thunder Edge in November 2022, and it has since gone through numerous stages of alpha testing, during which it gained its final moniker – War Thunder Mobile. There are no plans to reset player progress from the open beta, thus all unlocked vehicles will remain with players in the final version.

War Thunder Mobile retains the major feature of War Thunder for PC and consoles: large-scale cooperative battles with famous ground, naval, and air vehicles using physically precise flight and damage models. Because every tank and plane’s appearance and technical specifications are historically correct, players must understand the internal architecture of the vehicle, the positioning of important components and crewmen, and the armor arrangement in order to efficiently defeat the opponent. At the same time, the controls make it easy to pick up – giving War Thunder Mobile that easy to learn – hard to master learning curve.

The new game concentrates on the most intriguing and well-known models of tanks, ships, and aircraft from all eras – and there are now more than 200 units in the open beta, including the battleship Yamato, which did not appear in the original War Thunder. There are also submarines in naval fights, and further content and mechanics specific to War Thunder Mobile may be added in the future. Finally, the War Thunder Mobile progression system will allow players to easily try out equipment from different countries, with much more coming in future updates.

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