Warhammer Combat Cards adds High Marshal Helbrecht, more Black Templars

Bad news for xenos and heretics everywhere: one of the Imperium’s top xenophobes and heresy-purgers is joining the playable cast of Warhammer Combat Cards. Developer Well Played Games teased the impending addition of Helbrecht in a recent community update, in which they didn’t openly reference him, but rather quoted one of his famous speeches. A Black Templar Marine can be seen in the background, making it beyond obvious who the game’s next Warlord will be.

Black Templars have been getting a lot of love from Games Workshop recently, and it makes sense to see more of them in Warhammer Combat Cards. They were, until now, one of the few mainline Space Marine Chapters to not be represented in the game at all. Now their cards are finally trickling in, starting with the signature Sword Brethren, and moving right up to High Marshall Helbrecht, who happens to be one of the more iconic Imperial characters in all of Warhammer 40,000.

We don’t know much about Helbrecht’s stats or abilities in Warhammer Combat Cards just yet, but we do know he is being added alongside at least one more new Black Templars card. For more information, you can tune in to the Well Played Games developer live stream on Nov. 11.

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