Warhammer Combat Cards (finally) adds Clans, here’s how they work

Warhammer Combat Cards, the mobile CCG based in the Warhammer 40k universe, introduced its new Clans feature on Nov. 9. This fairly straightforward social element had been in the works for well over a year, but the wait was clearly worth it because Clans comes with a number of perks for players, as well as a ton of features to be added down the line.

In its current form, the best part of Clans is the bonus card drops clan members are entitled to. Before joining a clan, you can check their Dedication by clicking on the golden icon next to the clan name. Members of that clan get bonus cards for the faction matching the Dedication every time they open a Victory pack, Free pack, or Kill pack – in addition to the normal number of cards found in those packs.

Note, that the clan Dedication can be changed by the Clan’s owner. If you want to have full control over which faction you get extra cards for, you might want to start your own clan.

Besides this, Warhammer Combat Cards developer Well Played discusses the following potential features coming to Clans in the future:

  • True PvP. While currently Combat Cards players face off against other players’ decks in both Ranked and Casual, this is not true PvP but rather player-assisted PvE.
  • Lords of War. Those would be super-massive beasts and war machines from the Warhammer universe which would be too game-breakingly powerful to introduce to normal gameplay. This could well be Combat Cards‘ version of raid bosses.
  • Clan-specific missions and objectives. A Campaign rewards track for the clan, in addition to the individual player tracks? That’s what some members of my clan interpret this as, although we could be wrong.
  • Clan Wars. Dev team member Cili describes this as a game mode in which “clans battle each other for score, milestone rewards, and maybe… exclusive cosmetics.” Pretty cool.
  • Card trading. This is perhaps the most exciting potential feature of Clans. Like Dedication, this would give players another way to more proactively collect the cards they want.

Warhammer Combat Cards players should keep in mind that these features are still being workshopped by the developers, and have not been officially announced just yet.

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