Warhammer Combat Cards lowers in-game costs, offers giveaways during lockdown

Warhammer Combat Cards developer Well Played Games recently announced some good news for players. To make things a little easier during the ongoing lockdown, Combat Cards card upgrade costs will be lowered by 20% until Feb. 28. During that period the game will also feature more missions and giveaways to give players more ways to buff up their collections.

Warhammer Combat Cards is already very generous with the free content and currency, and this is another boon for long time players and those who don’t spend money on F2P games. To be clear, I am not being paid to say this, it’s just true. In my experience with mobile CCGs, this one is the most rewarding in terms of how much of its content you can get by just playing (pretty much all of it).

To learn more about this and the other upcoming news for the game, you can tune in to the Well Played developer stream on Jan. 15 at 4 PM GMT.

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