Will the next battle to win in the business of video games be over the best gaming accessories?

We all know the video gaming and esports industry saw a massive lift over the past few years and continues to grow, but is the revenue pie for the best gaming accessories the most slept-on business secret in the industry?

It won’t be for long, as orgs and sponsors turn their attention to where the ground is most fertile in the increasingly saturated landscape of games and esports marketing.

The situation

Several international research and analysis firms released stats this week to highlight and mark the tremendous growth in the pc, console, and smartphone gaming accessories and peripherals market.

The findings shed light on more than the obvious “gamers who game want to buy accessories to game better” and dove into the drivers, earning potential, and some other audience types who are leading the charge in what could be the next best frontier in the gaming industry for business.

The details

Dublin-based firm, Research and Markets added the Gaming Accessories Market Forecast 2021-2030 to their current set of projections with some pointed findings on why the best gaming accessories and producers will enjoy the next coming of gaming and esports revenue.

The report suggested the accessories market would reach over $15B USD by 2027, with an estimated compound average growth rate of 8.1% – from a 2017 market valuation of around $7.25B USD. Research and Markets further found that this growth would be mainly driven by household names in gaming, like Sony, Alienware, Logitech, Razer, Mad Catz, Turtle Beach, and Corsair to name a few.

The primary categories responsible for this growth are estimated to be gamepads, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, joysticks, gaming headsets, and virtual reality devices. The work was segmented across five key consumer markets, specifically North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa with Asia-Pacific as the highest purchasing/volume driver.

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While esports is credited as a major driver in the uptick of gaming accessories over time, it’s not solely responsible. According to Acumen Research and Consulting, professional aspirations drive gamers into higher-end peripherals – not just esports hopefuls but also content creators and gaming industry professionals like visual designers, testers, and other product and business development pros in the business of gaming.

“To compete on competitive platforms, amateur gamers require professional playing environments; thus, sales of gaming accessories such as chairs, desktops, mice, and headsets are prevalent. Similarly, the growing number of streamers around the world necessitates almost all types of gaming accessories, boosting market revenue. Furthermore, streamers are constantly upgrading their systems and planning to purchase the most advanced gaming accessories, which significantly fuels industry demand.” – Acumen Research and Consulting

What it means for gamers

The rapidly evolving conversations around the growth potential and revenue opportunities in the gaming and esports industry are stabilizing – some may even say cooling. While we know there is still plenty of growth happening left, it will be common for companies and sponsors to actively leap to the next fertile ground in the market.

The idea that gaming accessories and peripherals are a contender for that ‘next great angle’ means that we will likely see a shift in activity from marketing and promotions to this side of casual and competitive gaming. If so, that would mean we’ll be seeing a lot of new gaming accessories hit the market, with an increase of platform-specific gear like VR, motion tracking, eye tracking, streamer integrations, lighting, and gaming setup tech.

Just watch out for fakes and cheap knockoffs. With any significant surge in new, high-demand products there will always be those budding manufacturers looking to make quick loot on the try-hard version of quality.

My headset addiction will be the death of me here. Of that, I am sure.

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