XP Game Developer Summit 2021 to feature playable online game showcase

The XP Game Developer Summit 2021 will be featuring a playable online game showcase that will be free to attendees. The summit will take place on April 8 and 9.

XP Game Developer Summit is a virtual event in partnership with Canadian esports organizer Northern Arena. The conference was created to host curated panels and discussions revolving around game development and the industry. Plus, the two-day event will feature interactive participation where attendees are able to tune in to the various panels and take part in live Q&A sessions.

Furthermore, this year’s summit will incorporate an online game showcase. Attendees can get their hands on some of the featured indie games. Attendees can gain access to the various games directly through their browsers. The conference will be utilizing the Trail platform and its WebGL player. Using Trail, attendees can try out the featured games while ridding the need for installations and downloads.

“When events were forced to go digital last year, many game developers lost the ability to showcase their games. The aspect of walking into a show hall and picking up a controller to play new games was lost.” shared Jason Lepine, founder of the XP Game Developer Summit. “Thanks to our partnership with Trail, we can now work with developers to prepare demos that attendees can play from anywhere around the world right from their web browser. This helps recapture some of the magic lost from live events.”

The list of playable online games has yet to be disclosed. Participating developers can still apply and have their demos optimized on Trail prior to the summit taking place. Last year, the conference showcased indie titles such as HitGrab Game Labs’ Clan O’Conall, Massive Corporation Game Studios’ Queen City Chaos, 2Dogs Games Ltd.’s Destiny’s Sword.

The XP Game Developer Summit 2021 will be hosting its series of panels and discussions directly on their Twitch channel starting on April 8.

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