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A hockey fan’s guide to NHL 20 esports

NHL 20 esports are a great way to get your hockey fix while pro and amateur leagues are on hiatus. The Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup kicks off this month and it’s must-watch content for hockey fans. Featuring players representing all of your favorite NHL teams, it’s a fantastic introduction to NHL 20 esports. Let’s take a look at what traditional hockey fans can expect in this NHL 20 esports guide. 

How do NHL 20 esports work?

NHL esports can be easy for traditional hockey fans to get into because at the end of the day, it’s still the same game, and the rules don’t change. The NHL has taken big steps in improving the competitive NHL gaming scene with their NHL Gaming World Championship tournaments. The championships feature players across the world and thousands of dollars at stake.

Several NHL organizations have also gotten involved in the gaming community. Teams like the Washington Capitals, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens have all hosted NHL gaming tournaments and leagues for both fans and esports players. The scene is also filled with smaller leagues and tournaments that host online and offline tournaments worldwide.

Matches usually take place either one-on-one or in a six versus six format. The one versus one format sees players control all six players on the ice at any time. Meanwhile, a 6v6 match has six players each take control of a skater on the team. 1v1’s are good for flexing individual skill, while 6-man squad games are great for showcasing teamwork. Most matches last around 30 minutes, so don’t worry about sitting through full 20 minute periods and two intermissions. Games are fast paced, intense and often unpredictable.

nhl 20 cup

Team rosters depends on what game mode the tournament is played on. NHL 20 features all the NHL stars and players you love to watch on ice, controlled by skilled competitive gamers. Participants will pick and choose players from teams across the league to try and build the perfect NHL All Star roster. Other tournaments are played in the Hockey Ultimate Team mode. Players acquire random NHL players for their rosters by purchasing in-game card packs. This means esports pros have to work with what they’re given in order to win it all.

In the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup, each of the 31 NHL teams are represented by a pro player. There’s no drafting in this tournament. Instead, players will have to play with the official NHL roster of the team they’re representing. This way you can root for your favorite teams and players, while also cheering on your team’s champion at the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup. It also won’t leave you wondering why Ovi is in a Leafs jersey and McDavid’s repping the Calgary Flames.

Where can I watch NHL 20 esports?

With hockey on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several NHL esports leagues and tournaments have popped up. For traditional hockey fans looking to get a taste of NHL esports action, check out the Northern Arena Twitch stream or the official Xbox Mixer stream. They’ll be streaming the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup all month long.

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