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NHL 94 Rewind confirmed to release on NHL 21

Some good news for NHL fans today: NHL 94 is coming back in all its glory with NHL 94 Rewind releasing alongside NHL 21 on Oct. 30. It’s major news for fans who were conscious back in 1994, as this game was a staple for sports gaming, putting hockey alongside the other major sports games. Who’s going to be the Jeremy Roenick in NHL 94 Rewind?

NHL 94 Rewind will revive the controls and graphics from 1994. No more animations for your slapshot depending on the placement of the puck, and no more enhancing skating movements. They’re bringing back retro with only one modern twist: current NHL rosters. The Pittsburgh Penguins were a talent heavy team with the likes of Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, and Larry Murphy. Chicago Blackhawks had one of the most overpowered video game athletes of all time in Jeremy Roenick. With today’s NHL, it might be a challenge to figure out who gets Roenick status with there being such a short separation in the levels of talent. Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon might be the closest things to god-tier in a video game like this.

It’s a shame that the Seattle Kraken won’t be established quick enough for its inclusion in the game, but it’s exciting that there are six more teams to play with than the original 26 featured in NHL 94.

This could be a great way to inject an older fanbase into the game. For now, we are just excited that we will get to experience one of the greatest hockey games of all time with an updated roster.

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