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Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup week 2 highlights – the best plays so far

Week 2 of the Northern Arena’s NHL 20 Cup tournament is in the books, and we have some highlights for you! With only two weeks left to go, the competition is heating up for playoffs. The games have been electric so far, with pros jockeying for top spots in each conference. Some top contenders have surged forwards with close fights for playoff spots breaking out. Here’s a glimpse at the players and teams you’ll see all over the NHL 20 Cup highlights this April.

Best Plays of NHL 20 Cup Season 1 Week 2

Undefeated: Nuke and Regs

The Carolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks have been the two teams to beat in the NHL 20 Cup. Lead by Justin “Regs” Reguly and Karl “Nuke” Caslib respectively, both teams are undefeated in the tournament so far. The two have lead their teams to dominant 11-0 starts, with no sign of slowing down.

NHL 20 Cup highlights Justin "Regs" Reguly           NHL 20 Cup highlights Karl "Nuke" Caslib

Reguly is a Thunder Bay, Ontario native who’s quickly proven himself as a player to watch in this tournament. He’s consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top NHL 20 players. He’s already showed viewers why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the NHL 20 Cup. Reguly pounced on John “JohnWayne” Wayne and the Washington Capitals in a decisive 7-0 victory.  He and the Hurricanes lead the Cup in goal differential, and sit in third place for goals scored. Look for Reguly to be a common name in the NHL 20 Cup highlights recaps.

Caslib is a Vancouver, B.C. native and has been lighting it up with his hometown Canucks. He’s scored over 70 goals across 11 games in the NHL 20 Cup. He’s ranked number two in goal differential and goals scored in the tourney. That scoring streak showed no signs of stopping in Week 2. He roasted Brett “bfett” Warren and the Calgary Flames 7-2 before scoring eight unanswered goals against  Brendan “Baky” Bak and the Edmonton Oilers. Caslib came in third place at last year’s NHL Gaming World Championship, and Canucks’ fans can expect Caslib to go far in the playoffs.

Saddle Up Cowboy

America’s sweetheart John “JohnWanye” Wayne is another big name on the NHL 20 pro scene. The Anchorage, Alaska native is proving why he’s still one of the best out there with a 9-1 record so far in the NHL 20 Cup. His Washington Capitals sit in a comfortable second place in the Cup. His matches have been exciting, with dominating performances and nail-biting finishes. The Capitals overtime clutch victory over Nicola “Foolx90” Bruna’s Florida Panthers was one of the most exciting matches of the second week. Wayne’s only loss so far has come at the hands of Justin “Regs” Reguly.

He’s a seasoned NHL series veteran who placed second at last year’s GWC. Wayne became an official member of the Capitals organization under the team’s Caps Gaming esports division last November. Washington fans can look forward to a long ride from Wayne in the NHL 20 Cup. Expect big wins from the American star this week against the Sens, Canadiens and Lightning.

Reaching for the top shelf

GWC 2019 Champion and top ranked player in the world Matthew “Top Shelf Cookie” Gutkoski is off to a slower start in the NHL 20 Cup. The Columbus native has been repping his hometown Blue Jackets in the NHL 20 Cup and has managed to snag 5th place so far in the Eastern Conference. Gutkoski took some early losses in the Cup, but surged back with five straight wins in the second week. Gutkoski managed to pull off big victories over both Nicholas “JTF2x” Morrisette’s Canadiens and Braydon “Dang” Lambert’s Ottawa Senators. These winds helped propel him to the fifth spot and keep him afloat in a scrappy Eastern Conference.

Gutkoski will need to pull off big wins in Week 3 to keep him ahead of the Sens and Habs. We don’t doubt that he can do it – there’s a reason why he’s one of the top ranked players in the NHL pro scene. If Gutkoski can hit his stride when it’s crunch time, expect “Cookie” to go on a run while his opponents crumble.

NHL 20 Cup action continues

There’s still plenty of time to catch pro NHL action with two weeks left to go in the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup. Matches go live every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening on the NHL 20 Cup Northern Arena Twitch stream or the official Xbox Mixer stream. Be sure to stay tuned to SQUAD for more highlights, interviews and coverage as the NHL 20 Cup continues this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

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