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Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup week 3 highlights – Playoffs closing in

Playoffs are closing in as week 3 of the Northern Arena NHL 20 Cup  comes to an end. Things really heated up as top players secure their leads while the fights got nasty for the final playoff spots. We had upsets, nail-biters, blowouts and more in this week of NHL 20 Cup action.

Let’s take a look at some of the best NHL 20 Cup week 3 highlights.

Upset Alert

Nicholas “JTF2x” Morissette walked into week 3 with a 6-6 record for the Montreal Canadiens. He was fighting to stay afloat in a competitive race in the Eastern Conference. Morissette needed to pull off some big wins in order to stay ahead of Matthew “Top Shelf Cookie” Gutkoski and Braydon “Dang” Lambert.

Morissette kicked off the weekend against John “JohnWayne” Wayne and the second place Washington Capitals. It didn’t look like he would be off to a good start for Week 3. Morissette didn’t take much time proving everyone wrong.

Nicolas "JTF2x" Morissette pulled of a huge upset in NHL 20 Cup Week 3 action

Morissette sucker punched the Caps with three quick goals in the first period. Wayne clawed back late in the first with a goal of his own. Morissette kept the gas on in this one, adding another three to his goal count, and pulling off a huge upset against one of the world’s best ‘Chel players. He handed Wayne his second loss of the tournament, and gained some room in the standings.

Morissette was hot all weekend, pulling off a narrow 6-5 victory over the Penguins and doubling up on the Philly Flyers with an 8-4 scoreline. With a perfect NHL 20 Cup week 3 under his belt, Morissette slid into the fourth place spot in the East. If he can keep his hot streak alive heading into the playoffs, the tourney favorites should watch out.


Brendan “Baky” Bak had two tough opponents ahead of him on the NHL 20 Cup Week 3 schedule. He played back-to-back against Alex “Kanger” Kangas’s Minnesota Wild and Ryan “Bouch” Bouchard’s Nashville Predators. Bak and his Edmonton Oilers squad went into this weekend with an 8-3 record with a playoff spot secured.

Bak opened the weekend against the Minnesota Wild. The Wild started up the game with a goal just over a minute in. Kangas’s squad scored another before Bak came back with a goal with two minutes left in the first period. With six seconds left in the first, Matt Dumba and Kangas sniped another one. But less than four seconds later, Bak found the back of the net at 1.2 seconds remaining. They ended an exciting first period at 3-2 for the Wild.

The action kept going in the second, although goal scoring dried up. Several huge chances came up for both sides to bury the puck, but neither could snipe one by. Bak found the first goal of the third period almost 18 minutes in, on a Yamamoto one-timer to tie the game 3-3 and force an overtime. Bak looked dominant in overtime, spending most of the time in Kangas’s end of the ice. Halfway through OT, Bak hit the back of the net to finish off a wild game.

After a great turn round against Kangas, Bak then went up against Bouchard and the Predators. This game kicked off on a much slower note than the last one for Bak. Scoring kicked off when Bouchard found the back of the net two minutes into the second period. He followed up with a second goal in the last minutes of the second. With a two goal deficit, things weren’t looking good for Bak going into the third.

However, a tripping penalty gave him a golden opportunity to eat at Bouchard’s lead and he delivered with a goal from Connor McDavid. He followed that up with another goal two minutes later to tie things up. All of a sudden Bak was in the driver’s seat of this match. Another tripping penalty gave him the chance at taking the lead and he cashed in big. Bak followed that up with two more goals from McDavid to take a 5-3 win off of Bouchard.

Bak has proven himself to be a dangerous player in the NHL 20 Cup. Going into the playoffs as the fifth seed, don’t be surprised if he can pull off huge upsets going forward.

Nail-bitin’ Biscuits

Charles “NipinBiscuit” Ferris and Samuel “Arsxno” Arsenault went at it last Friday in one of the most exciting tilts of NHL 20 Cup week 3 action. Ferris’ San Jose Sharks and Arsenault’s Colorado Avalanche both sat in contention for a playoff spot, but this match could have been a big decider for placement for each team.

NHL 20 Cup week 3          NHL 20 Cup week 3

Ferris opened up the game early with a quick goal by Evander Kane. Arsenault tied the game up with a fantastic breakaway goal from Nikita Zadorov. Ferris answered right back however, scoring off a one-timer a minute later. He followed up with another goal to take a dominant 3-0 lead over Arsenault.

The Sharks opened up the scoring again in the second to make it 4-1. He extended his lead with a fifth goal off an absolutely filthy wrap-around goal from behind the net. It looked like Arsenault’s chances of getting back into this game were dead.

It looked like. However, he stormed back with 3 straight goals in ten minutes to make it a one goal game. The Sharks and Avs went into the third with Arsenault on fire. Ferris scored first in the third, but Arsenault came back less than two minutes later to keep the lead at one. Unfortunately for Arsenault, that was all he had left and Ferris managed to walk away with a 6-5 win.

With Ferris and Arsenault in sixth and seventh place in the Western Conference playoffs, it’s unlikely we’ll see them square off.  I would love to see what another game between these two would look like after such an electric match. Let’s hope the hockey gods make it happen somehow.

Prepare for NHL 20 Cup playoffs

Week 3 was the final week of the NHL 20 Cup regular season action. With all the standings shakeups, here’s a look at the 16 teams that will battle it out for the NHL 20 Cup title.

Playoffs start next week and they are sure to be just as exciting. Visit the NHL 20 Cup Northern Arena Twitch stream or the official Xbox Canada Mixer stream to see who will be crowned champion of the first NHL 20 Cup.

Stay tuned to SQUAD for more highlights, interviews and coverage as the NHL 20 Cup continues.

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