7 weird and funny Easter Eggs in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Unless you have been in a digital detox for the past few weeks, you have probably heard of Pokemon Legends Arceus. The story of the game is full of surprises and this brand new world also hides its share of Easter Eggs. From references to past games to random encounters, here are the funniest Easter Eggs in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

De-le-le wooooop

Back in 2013, a YouTuber called SenorPacman uploaded a video changing the name of Pokemon with the sound of their cries. For Kricketune, he came up with “De-le-le wooooop.” This quickly took over the internet and became a meme. Pokemon Legends Arceus included this fun transcription to the game. When you meet a Kricketune, the game writes the noise the creature makes. And, you guessed it, it’s “De-le-le wooooop!”

A fellow time traveler

Did you know that we are not the only time traveler roaming around Hisui? When we get to the Coronet Highlands, we meet a guy with cool sideburns called Ingo. If you are a fan of Pokemon games, this name might ring a bell. Ingo is a returning character we met in Pokemon Black and White under the name Subway Boss Ingo. If you fight against Ingo, he will have to exact same poses and animations as he did in Black and White.

Attack on Titans Easter Egg

An unexpected Easter Egg for the Pokemon universe seems to be hiding in Legends Arceus. In Jubilife Village, a young boy says he wants to go outside the walls. But the village doesn’t have walls, unlike the city from Attack on Titans where young Eren Yeager kept yearning to see the outside world. There are no Titans in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but some Pokemon sure look terrifying.

Sleeping time

One of the new features introduced with Legends Arceus is the ability to summon your Pokemon out of their Pokeball whenever you want. If most of the time they will be ready and happy to come out, you may also catch them taking a nap. Some Pokemon even snore!

Pokemon living their own lives

If you take all of your Pokemon outside of their Pokeballs, they will have a little meeting and talk in turns. Outside of its Pokeball, Mr Mime drinks some imaginary tea while sitting on an imaginary chair.

Find true North

If you are lost in Pokemon Legends Arceus and don’t want to use your map, look for a wild Nosepass. Their red nose is electromagnetic and will always point North unless they spot you. It’s kinda useless, but a cool thing to know.

Blissey is always here to help

One of the most iconic Pokemon from both the game and anime is Blissey, who is always here to cure our team in the Pokemon Center. In Legends Arceus, this Pokemon is often fleeing away as soon as we try to get near. Except when our health is low: Blissey would then run to help us.

If you would like to discover more Easter Eggs in Pokemon Legends Arceus, check out the latest video from The Leaderboard. Stay tuned to SQUAD for more gaming content!

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