Everything we want in Nintendogs on mobile (if we ever got it)

Nintendogs is a game series that carries a cult following. The first one was released in 2005, and there are still people talking about it on Twitter today. There is even currently a petitions to bring the game to mobile. I used to love playing the game, but as I got older, I stopped playing with my DS altogether and left it behind.

Still, I do miss the game. This petition got me wondering what it would look like if Nintendo were to actually release a mobile Nintendogs game? Here are some of the things I’d like to see in it, if it ever happened.

All the breeds

In DS Nintendogs, you would have to buy multiple games to get the dog breed that you wanted. But it would make no sense to have people download multiple apps just to get their preferred breed. With the app, all breeds should be included, ideally most of them for free. Players would still be limited to the six dogs as the original game did, but that wouldn’t include puppy litters.

Different gameplay

A change to the way it’s structured would also be cool to see. Something in the style of Tamagotchi, forcing people to have a sense of responsibility with their pet care, would be an interesting twist. If the dogs are neglected, they are then taken away, much like in The Sims when you neglect a child. The dogs would still live forever, because no one wants to be crying over the loss of their virtual dog.


A mobile Nintendogs title should also give the dogs the ability to age and breed. The DS game kept the dogs as cute puppies forever. If they could breed, however, players could have their own unique breeds. And if they don’t want to keep all of the puppies, they would have the ability to sell or donate them to the kennel. This option would give other players the opportunity to adopt other people’s puppies. This brings me to my next point: socializing in Nintendogs.

Social features

I’d really like to see online play included in a mobile port.Players could bring their dogs to competition, or have playdates with their friends. Competitions could be set up so that you’re competing against real people, and you would earn in-game currency for winning against higher-ranked dog trainers.

Augmented reality

Nintendogs on mobile would benefit from moving to a system set up like The Sims. By that I mean players would have more control over how their pets’ room looks, and how they can decorate it. Ultimately, Nintendo could also add the ability to use the camera on your phone to “have” your dog in your house. That would help to take the game to the next level.

Things I wouldn’t change

The pet hotel would mostly stay the same: you could put your dog in there when you wanted to spend time with different ones. One thing that should be added to that though, is the ability to put your dog in the hotel if you know you won’t be able to care for it for some reason. So you use it like you would use a boarding facility in real life. They would care for your dog if you knew you were going to be somewhere without service, or you knew you would be too busy to give the dog what it needs for a certain amount of time.

Lastly, a Nintendogs port on mobile should have an updated pet supply, to include things like automatic feeders and automatic waterers.  They would have varying degrees and prices, and some would require less attention them than others. Including these things would make it so players don’t have to focus so hard on feeding their dog. They can work on building a bond with their dog instead.

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