Everything you need to know about Steve and Alex in Super Smash Bros

Hope you've been practicing your blocking.

On Oct. 1, Nintendo of America announced the newest addition to the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate roster. This time, Super Smash Bros lets you fight as Steve or Alex  – the default male and female characters from Minecraft.

Steve and Alex in Super Smash Bros

Below you can see the full list of moves available to Steve and Alex in Super Smash Bros.

  • Forward smash: In forward motion, Steve can charge up and swing his sword in a horizontal arc in front of him.
  • Down smash: Steve splashes a bucket of lava below him, going out on either side starting in front of him and then behind.
  • Place block: Steve can place a block under him. These are made of different materials and can be crumbled shortly after being placed.
  • Mine surface: You can dig at a surface below you and mine materials from it. This won’t leave any permanent damage to the stage.
  • Build & upgrade weapon: When enough materials are mined, you can upgrade your tool or weapon and make it stronger than before.
  • TNT: You can plant dynamite, leaving a redstone trail behind as you move backward before placing the detonator button. The dynamite will explode when an opponent steps on the button.
  • Minecart: Steve climbs into a minecart as it rolls to one side, planting a track as it moves. The cart can bounce off walls and even pick up other players once Steve is out.

  • Glide: A very strange yet intriguing move – the player can seemingly sprout wings and fly. From the reveal, this move can potentially be a special and the aerial equivalent of the minecart.
  • Down air: You can slam downwards with the anvil, and damage anyone below.
  • Final Smash: Any players hit with the giant piston are put inside a castle with TNT, cobwebs, and creepers. The players inside are then blown up and attacked by the creepers.

When can I play?

Steve and Alex will be added to Super Smash Bros. on Oct. 13. If you would like to more about how Minecraft fits into the world of Super Smash Bros, check out the video below.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Steve & Alex"

All in all, these two seem like a great new addition to the Super Smash Bros roster. We are looking forward to see how players use them when they officially join the game.

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