Nintendo may be teasing a new Splatoon 2 update

Nintendo is not wasting any time with their teasers this year. On New Years day they released several pieces of celebratory art on Twitter. Most of them are normal holiday pictures to ring in the new year. However, one of the images had some interesting secrets that caught the eye of Splatoon fans. It appears to be teasing a new Splatoon 2 update.


At first glance you simply see the “Have a great 2020” message, lit up by golden eggs. You may also notice the Salmonoids in the dark gray background. Look a bit closer. Do you see it? If you take a peek down at the reflection, you will notice that the last zero is blocked out by a life preserver, to spell out “SOS.” It is a cry for help, but from who? Why is this in a New Year’s celebration image?

It is possible this could just be a nod to Salmon Run, since SOS is the message you can send to other players when you are knocked out by enemies. Yet it still seems very cryptic and mysterious, as if they want you to question it. An SOS message isn’t the only thing to find in this image, either. In the waves of the water under the life preserver there appears to be some text, featuring the word “salmon.”

Normally I would take this with a much bigger grain of salt, but another interesting bit of news took place on  early New Years Day. GameStop added 12 brand new game SKU’s to their website. This is significant, because in the past it has been a clear indicator of an imminent Nintendo Direct presentation.


A Nintendo Direct this month is not altogether surprising, as they usually take place in January. Still, some have been skeptical, point at last year’s Direct which didn’t come until February.

While that skepticism can be healthy, it is pretty clear that a Nintendo Direct is coming any day now, and a new Splatoon 2 update will probably be revealed in it.

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