Mario Kart Tour’s Holiday Tour brings new content and DS classics

It would seem that Christmas has come early for fans of Mario Kart Tour, as early this morning the brand new Holiday Tour update went live. Much like previous Tours, the Holiday Tour brings with it brand new courses, characters, vehicles and more. Fittingly, they are all loosely themed with Christmas trees and holiday imagery.

Fan favorite courses such as Yoshi’s Circuit from Double Dash, Waluigi’s Pinball from the DS, and Rainbow Road from the 3DS return. Rainbow Road is a particularly great addition, as it brings with it some of the best video game music that will ever grace your ear drums. We also get a somewhat mediocre course based on New York City.

If you are interested in collecting new drivers, you are in luck! Two brand new holiday-themed drivers join the ranks of Mario Kart Tour’s ever-growing cast of characters: Reindeer Yoshi and Party Time Pauline! You can also now buy Birdo in a twenty-dollar pack. The pack also comes with 45 gems that you can use to try and obtain the new versions of Yoshi and Pauline. Twenty dollars does seem a little steep for now. However, Birdo likely will be obtainable from pipes in a week or so, once the second half of the Mario Kart Tour Holiday event begins.

Mario Kart Tour - Holiday Tour Trailer

Unfortunately, we still are not able to race against actual people. We will have to settle for bots with the often-inappropriate usernames of other players. If you are feeling that competitive itch, however, you can compete against real life racers in the new ranked Birdo Cup. Gather your best characters and Karts in the race to collect as many points as possible and come out on top in first place in a week’s time. If you do, a fresh 25 gems will be your reward.

If you feel like a break from other holiday events, hit the track and enjoy the MarioKart Holiday Tour while you can. That adorable Reindeer Yoshi won’t be around forever.

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