Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate could still happen

In the last few days there has been a lot of hysteria over Sora from Kingdom Hearts getting into Super Smash Bros Ultimate. A lot of fans want Sora in the game, but now everyone seems to think he has been de-confirmed.

“Where is this information coming from?” you might ask. Let’s go back for a moment. During the Jan. 23 Kinda Funny Games podcast, co-host Imran Khan made some statements about Sora getting into the fighting game. Khan claimed that Nintendo “absolutely approached Disney about it once.” Then the question was posed as to whether or not Disney was preventing Sora from getting in. He replied, “Yes, Disney of Japan specifically.”

These quotes were taken and run with in many different articles and videos as evidence that Sora isn’t getting in. However, there is a problem. The quotes were taken out of context.


Allow me to explain. First of all, this particular Kinda Funny Games podcast was all about predictions for 2020. It should also be noted that at the beginning of the podcast, the hosts established a rule that they would never predict anything they already know the answer to.

At around the 27 minute mark, when it was Khan’s turn to make a prediction, he said “For Smash Bros – and I don’t know if this is 2020, but because the fighters pass has just been revealed I’m going to count it as this year – I think we get either Master Chief or Sora.”

If Khan knew Sora was not getting into Smash, it is unlikely he would outright say he thinks he will be in the next fighters pass. It is certainly possible he knows that Disney has been approached by Nintendo. However, it’s clear Khan doesn’t know where those talks went.

Because this was a predictions segment, it is also possible that the statements he made were entirely speculation on his part. I doubt he ever intended for his words to be taken the way they have been. All we can do is wait and see if Sora gets in. Always remember to be skeptical when it comes to rumors.

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