Super Smash Bros presentation announced for Jan. 16

It has just been announced that on Jan. 16, just a week or so after the Pokemon Direct, Nintendo will host a new Super Smash Bros presentation. The livestream will begin at 6 AM PT, 9 AM ET. It is confirmed that it will have up to 35 minutes of information on the final fighter for the DLC expansion pass.

This is pretty surprising, given that we have been expecting a Nintendo Direct any day now. We have been hoping Nintendo would to tell us what games we will be playing in the first half of the year. There was a lot of evidence to suggest a Direct was coming, such as Pikmin 3’s website mysteriously vanishing. There were also 12 unnamed Switch software SKUs showing up in GameStop’s database.

Unfortunately, this announcement suggests that all of that was just wishful thinking. If a Direct was coming, all this would have been revealed in it, not in a standalone presentation. In the past, there have been separate Smash Bros videos that detail everything about a DLC fighter after they are announced. However, this is the first time a fighter has been announced in one of these videos. It is an interesting choice, but Nintendo had promised the last of the expansion pass DLC would be released by February 2020. So they just aren’t quite ready to show us a Nintendo Direct, and this is the next best way to give us this information.


Who is DLC Fighter 5?

So who could this 5th character be? Well, it is actually possible that this was teased by a non-Nintendo employee very recently. Matt Walker, from the Devil May Cry developer team took to Twitter on Jan. 7 to tell fans to keep an eye on 3 specific dates. “I guess you could say we were feeling a little ‘motivated’ to add a little something extra that we think you are all really going to like,” Walker explained. He went on to tell fans to circle these “key dates” to get more information.

The first date was – you guessed it – Jan. 16. The others were Jan. 30 and Feb. 13. It remains to be seen exactly what will take place on all of these dates. However, given that this Smash Bros presentation and the first bit of Devil May Cry news both take place on the same day, I wouldn’t doubt they are actually the same event.

Maybe Dante is coming to Smash. As far as that last date of Feb. 13, it’s possible that it could be the first full Nintendo Direct. I say that because that was the exact same day as 2019’s very first Direct. It could also very well be a coincidence, but we will see.

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