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What to catch before April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing New Horizons is about to see a switch-up in its fauna, as March ends and the season change. This article will be going over the Southern Hemisphere spawns. At the start or April, they will be losing a lot more than the Northern Hemisphere.

The pond animals that are going away in April are the Crawfish and Gar. The Crawfish can spawn at any time, while the Gar only spawns between 4 PM and 9 AM. The Gar will be the trickier one to find, so make sure to always check your ponds.

pond animal crossing

The river fish going away are the Sweetfish, Nibble Fish, Piranha, Arowana, Dorado, Arapaima, Soft Shelled Turtle and Saddled Bichir. These fish vary from common to rare, so going to a rare river fish island is your best bet at finding them all. If you are not sure what I mean, I am talking about using a Nook Miles Ticket to go to another island.

There are a variety of islands that each have their own benefits. Any islands with a river will have a higher chance of spawning rare river fish. The best time to go to the island would be 5 PM, to have a chance at catching the most fish.

island animal crossing

The only fish you cannot catch at that time are Pirhanas, Sweetfish, and Saddled Bichir. But these fish are all common, and you can find them on your own island easily.

It is important to know that all spawns are locked in when you visit an island. This means that the game determines what spawns by what the time was when you went to the island. You cannot just stay on the island to catch all the fish you want. For example, only the fish that spawn at 5 PM will spawn if you arrived at 5 PM – no matter how late you actually stay and what time it actually is.

There are also two fish that only spawn where the river meets the sea. Those are the Salmon – which is a size 4 fish – and the King Salmon, a size 6 fish. Salmon and King Salmon are not that rare, so you can find them on your island. Just scare away other fish in your rivers to force Salmon to spawn. If you are having difficulties finding them still, try your luck by visiting islands with Nook Miles Tickets.

salmon fish

Now for the ocean fish going away. Those would be the Clownfish, Surgeon Fish, Butterfly Fish, Puffer Fish, Blue Marlin, Ocean Sunfish, Hammerhead Shark, Great White Shark, Whale Shark, and Suckerfish. Of all these fish the Blue Marlin has a special spawning condition.

The Blue Marlin only spawns near docks. They can also spawn off the dock connected to the airport. A great way to get a Blue Marlin is to use fish bait from a dock and hope it spawns. Blue Marlins are a size 6, so look out for their large shadow.


The most difficult fish to catch of the ocean fish will be the sharks. While sharks are easily distinguishable by their fins that stick out of the water, there are other finned fish to trick you. You can use fish bait to make a shark spawn, but the better method is to visit an island with a Nook Miles Ticket after 9 PM. If you still need the Ocean Sunfish then go to another island at 5 PM.

By going at a later time you limit which fish can spawn. As I said before, islands that you visit with a Nook Miles Ticket have a greater chance of spawning rare fish; and since every island touches the ocean, you do not need to find a specific one.

When you get to an island, just scare away any fin-less fish and you will start getting a variety of sharks in no time! Bring fish food with you to speed up the process more.

sharks galore animal crossing

That covers all the fish, now it is time for the bugs. The butterflies and moths going away are the Tiger Butterfly, Emperor Butterfly, Agrias Butterfly, Rajah Brookes Birdwing, Queen Alexandrias Bird Wing, and Madagascan Sunset Moth. The best way to obtain them is by having plenty of flowers on your island. If you have trouble finding any of these, try visiting an island. There is a chance to get an island covered in flowers, which attracts all these bugs.

Next we have bugs that you can find roaming around: the Grasshopper, Earth Boring Dung Beetle, and Walking Leaf. Make sure to have some open space around to make catching Grasshoppers easier. As for the Earth Boring Dung Beetles, they are slow and easy to catch. Just do not run over them or they will fly away.


The Walking Leaf bugs are the most unique of this trio. They actually look like the leaf icon of furniture you drop on the floor, but when you get close to them they quiver and reveal their true form. Just look out for leaves you know you have not placed, and you will find them easily.

There are also bugs you can find on the rivers that will soon be leaving. Those would be the Diving Beetle, Giant Water Beetle, and Pondskater. You will easily see them in the water, because they like to stay on its surface. It can be tricky to catch them, as they love to swim around. But at least they do not get scared away by your net.

The Mosquito and Rosalia Batesi Beetle have rather unique spawning conditions. The Mosquito will only spawn after 5 PM and is incredibly difficult to see. But it does make an annoying buzzing sound to let you know its there. If you do not catch this bug fast enough, it will bite you and interrupt anything you are doing. So catching this pesky pest will be no problem.

giant water beetled animal crossing

As for the Rosalia Batesi Beetle, it will only spawn on tree stumps. So you must cut down some trees to create a place for it to spawn. The more tree stumps you have, the more likely it is it will spawn. When you do see one, be careful to not move too fast, or it will fly away.

Last we have the bugs that spawn on trees: the Walker Cicada, Rainbow Stag, Atlas Moth and Goliath Beetle. The Walker Cicada, Rainbow Stag, and Atlas Moth can spawn on any tree’s trunk. But the Goliath Beetle will only spawn on palm tree trunks. If you do not have any palm trees on your island, you cannot catch the Goliath Beetle.

You can get coconuts by visiting another island in order to populate your island with palm trees. The Goliath Beetle is very rare, and even finding it on another island is difficult. So in this case it is much better to plant your own trees to get a Goliath Beetle, rather than going to an island that has only 4 palm trees.

goliath beetle animal crossing

And that wraps it up! These are all the Southern Hemisphere fish and bugs going away at the end of March in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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